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In Tambov the midwife has killed the baby

54 - summer Natalia Stepanovna* - the medical assistant of a small village in the Tambov area, it is possible to name its midwife unless so-called. For local this woman - a figure sign - all village at it was treated. And it served both people, and animals. And here recently behind the help to it it was converted 25 - summer Julja. The girl was six months gone. And the child was not desired. Houses on a table Natalia Stepanovna has made to useless mummy abortion. But... The kid has appeared is live!

Later on interrogation Natalia Stepanovna justified the act that in life the child good would not see anything. Therefore, say, she also has strangled krohu. Julia together with a little body in a package as from maternity home, friends have taken away. Two men have dug the kid at road. Now the consequence finds out, they knew or not that have committed to the earth.

- Business is at a stage of preliminary investigation, we interrogate witnesses, we examine, including psychiatric, women at that point in time when there was a crime. Accusation as regards 1 article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is already brought to it; Murder punishment - from 6 till 15 years of imprisonment), it is in custody, - has told Vladimir ELTSOV, a deputy head of the Tambov interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Tambov region. - to Julia, most likely, threatens nothing. However, the question on that is now solved, to qualify or not its actions, as concealment especially grave crime.

it is possible, Natalia Stepanovna will pass not under one article: have now requested documents, how much lawfully she was engaged in-home in similar services. Besides, and that article which is already got, can retrain from the first part on the second - murder of the person, being down and out . Then also responsibility will increase: from 8 till 20 years.

When the crime has revealed, Natalia Stepanovna has started to ask inspectors not to release it: was afraid that from a hand grief on itself will impose. But fellows villager speak: before about monstrous murder of the child the militia has learnt, raskajanem from it and did not blow. However, as well as from mummy...

* Names of participants of history are changed