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How much today pensioners on the average should receive?

Kurilov Sergey Vitalevich. The president of Fund of support IRO of party an United Russia
Sergey KURILOV, a member of Presidium of Political advice IRO of party UNIFORM Russia the chairman of committee on social policy of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region

to Finish poverty among pensioners, having lifted the average size of pension of more living wage - the main task an United Russia Put before party Vladimir Putin. So since August, 1st the pension base unit has grown in Russia on 15 %, an insurance part - on 8 %. Till the end of current year the labour pension will increase in 1,3 times, and by 2010 - in 1,6 times. Thus the size of social pension in 2009 will be already finished to living wage level. The gain of expenses on provision of pensions will make 21 % (2,9 bln. roubles) in comparison with this year.



How much square metres of habitation it is necessary to build in a year in the Irkutsk region that each family had own apartment?

Yury Iosifovich FALEJCHIK, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region, the committee-man under the budget, pricing, financially - economic and to tax laws

Yury FALEJCHIK, the assistant to committee on the property and economic policy of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region, a member of fraction UNIFORM Russia

the Requirement of region for habitation makes 18 million square metres of habitation. This figure is received on the basis of the data about requirements of the families which are standing in a queue on improvement of living conditions. How to realise this requirement?
the basic problems here three. In - the first, sharply there is a problem of allocation of the earth. Cost of separate grounds is so high that there can be erected either elite habitation, or commercial object. And it is necessary to make so that allocation of sites under housing construction was free. Building business from it only will win, and the population can get habitation on comprehensible or even to reduced prices.
in - the second, in the Irkutsk region the branch of manufacture of building materials has essentially suffered during so-called reforms . And now at us - an acute shortage of almost all resources necessary for development of building branch. And without the building materials we solve a habitation problem we can not. Fortunately, accurate and positive changes were outlined in this sphere: on the fifth Baikalsk a forum projects of such manufactures have been presented attention of the public, moreover, they have been provided by investments. So building materials at us soon will appear - not everything, but it will be already easier.
in - the third, at us essential personnel deficiency - it is banal there are no people of the working specialities, the qualified technology professionals, design engineers. It is necessary to resort to services of foreign labour - basically it is Chineses. The decision here such - is necessary to involve experts from the next regions, no less than local forces, and in parallel to adjust training process to necessary specialities on our educational base. Certainly, this process - not fast, however, all the same should be begun.
having solved three above-named problems, we can leave on the planned indicators. 18 million square metres of habitation

is a real figure. The building boom Is planned. Realisation of the national project Accessible habitation soon will enter into the active stage. The federation allocates money, they are provided and in the regional budget.  
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It is possible to solve a personnel problem, having cancelled quotas on entrances of migrants to Siberia?

Valentine Efimovich mezhevich, the councillor of Federation FS of the Russian Federation

Valentine mezhevich, a member of Political advice IRO of party UNIFORM Russia the councillor of Federation FS of the Russian Federation, the committee-man of the Federation Council under the budget, a tax policy, financial, currency and customs regulation, bank activity

it is obvious that questions of migration demand steadfast and everyday attention. It is connected with the international obligations of Russia, but mainly - with necessity of the urgent decision of economic and demographic problems of the Russian Federation.
it is known that the able-bodied population of Russia decreases, and in the near future it can already affect negatively both economy growth, and on possibilities of execution of some social obligations.
It is necessary to mean and another. By estimations of Federal migratory service, dynamics of migratory processes loses every year the rates. The fact is that migration has ceased to influence improvement of a demographic situation in our country.

Immigration inflow any more does not compensate today natural decline in population - as it was at us still in the middle of 90 - h years. And before us now it is necessary to generate a problem new additional conditions for attraction to Russia the people, capable to bring the positive contribution to development of our country. Certainly, it does not reduce other problems - with birth rate maintenance, with prolongation, a standard of living and so on. But the immigration factor is extremely important.
by the way, in the countries with an effective migratory policy leave including our experts. We with you well know it. By expert estimations, from 1989 for 2001 Russia have left more than hundred thousand the scientists occupied in such traditionally strong areas for Russia, as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology. And it basically mature people, at the age of 35 - 45 years.

We are obliged to continue to work over creation of conditions for worthy life of our experts in own native land. But it is necessary to work simultaneously and over that foreign experts and qualified workers could receive the adequate answer to the inquiries of life here, in Russia. and today our major problem is stimulation of migratory processes. We will underline: stimulation, instead of simple reproduction of losses of the population. And first of all, we should count on our compatriots who after disorder of the USSR have appeared strangers in the former Soviet republics.

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