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In the autumn in Kursk area zabrejut it is twice more than recruits

In a spring appeal hearings that since autumn recruits should minister two years, and even more, became the best advertising to army service. In some regions recruits even took akademotpuka in high schools and asked for army somewhat quicker to repay the debt to the Native land. And military men to the last could not tell, a leah this agiotage is justified or not.

Only is closer by the autumn it was found out that those who will get under a gun in this autumn, only one year of military service also waits. However, zabrejut about new year almost it is twice more kurjan: the present plan on an appeal for our region - 2005 persons. For comparison, it has been sent in army about 1200 Kursk guys in the spring.

- the Increase in quantity of recruits is connected by that will get demobilise at once two appeals - those who have served both ones and a half this autumn, and two years, - Valery VORONTSOV, the assistant to the military commissioner of Kursk area on an appeal has explained .

By the way, 15 best recruits of Kursk area in the middle of October will go to minister in a presidential regiment. The others will leave year of service across all Russia. But there is more than half of Kursk recruits by tradition will send regarding the Moscow military district.