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To Iran foretell an important role in future world economy

In the future Teheran will play an important role in system of gas manufacture. Such opinion the vice-president Austrian OMV AG has voiced Mahael Pajser at the international conference on gas questions.
Opening conference, vice-president OMV AG of Mahael Pajser has underlined that Europe possesses poor resources of hydrocarbons, however is surrounded by the countries rich with natural gas among which Iran, passes Associated Press.
the Consent from M.Pajserom was expressed also by the Iranian representative who has declared that conference has already shown a failure of a policy of the USA on isolation of Iran in power sphere. As that bole that its sponsors the largest European gas companies - French Total SA and Austrian OMV AG, and also Crescent Petroleum from the United Arab Emirates have acted.
we Will remind, the government of the USA supports the termination of business contacts between the European power companies and Teheran. now not time to discuss investments into oil and gas sector of Iran as the Iranian policy (in nuclear sphere) has received condemnation from the UN Security Council - has declared on October, 2nd of this year a press - the secretary of US State department Sean Makkormak.
we Will remind that last year Russia and Iran seriously discussed creation prospects the gas OPEC - the international cartel which could influence the world prices for gas. Serious fears concerning creation of such organisation have expressed both Americans, and Europeans afraid to power blockade.