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In the centre of Kazan in the street Bauman was eaten by 50 kg chak - chaka

When music, " has played; beauties began to drive a round dance, suggesting surrounding to join.

is some kind of grandiose fleshmob, - has shared with correspondents the organizer of the action of Rimma BIKMUHAMETOVA . - We want to draw attention to the Tatar culture. And chak - chak - the most known dish of ethnic cuisine.

the Crowd has gathered in a trice. In 15 minutes of opening a free shop at trays with sweet honey piramidkami was not to force the way. And organizers only had time to break a delicacy on pieces that has sufficed all.

Girls in national suits persuaded townspeople to remain on a concert.
a photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV

- Approach, do not hesitate, - spoke girls in vain, - an entertainment from their trays assorted faster, than they had time to finish a phrase.

Still ohotnee from their hands assorted calendar cards with the dish recipe - the pack has dispersed for few minutes.

Have approached behind an entertainment and street musicians which, the charter with the morning to sing and play guitars, have decided to be supported a little and, as to working people have asked for itself the whole tray.

- Eat on health. Only a song about chak - chake do not forget to compose, - organizers laughed.

Fun has ended at four o`clock - chak - chak has ended!

- We did not expect that there will be such big reaction of the people. Now, we hope that the action becomes annual, - with pride informs us Rimma Bikmuhametova. - Differently, already in any way. To good quickly you get used.

Simultaneously with Kazan CHak - chak PARTY has passed in a number of big cities of Russia and six countries of the world - Turkey, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.