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The lawyer considers that Estonia has broken the international legislation on reinterments

On Monday in the Russian embassy has passed a press - conference   the lawyer of Michael Joffe who protects interests of relatives Soviet   the soldier which remains were   perezahoroneny under the decision   Estonian   the authorities with Tynismjagi on   the military man   a cemetery   in Tallinn.

Joffe   intend   to achieve in the European court under human rights of a recognition of infringements Estonian   the party   norms of international law in April last 2007

On   it   to words, Estonian   the authorities have made   a reinterment   remains of the Soviet military men   without the consent   relatives. Joffe   considers that   at them   was not   on it any   legal   the bases.

Estonia   has broken   International   the legislation on reinterments - confirms   the lawyer.

It   also   has reminded that   administrative   court   Estonia   has refused   to consider   the complaint   relatives, having counted   it     the unreasonable.

In May, 2008, at the monument transferred on a military cemetery.
a photo: from archive in Northern Europe

On   to words   M.Joffe, it also   considers   a question on an establishment   on Tynismjagi   a memorable sign, which   would remind about   Volume that the government of Estonia has made   a reinterment   with infringement of all international norms.