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Jackie COLLINS: I have found the Russian heroine of the new book in the Internet

When we yet did not have Darya Dontsovoj`s books, the Russian women have become engrossed in reading of books Collins. It was awfully interesting to glance in an interior Hollywood and to learn, how suffer affliction and rejoice rich and well-known. Jackie Collins`s novels are translated to 40 languages and published by total circulation more than 400 million copies, and on some of them films and popular television serials are shot.
the writer has arrived To Russia to present the new book it is terribly perfect which will appear on counters this week. During interview it was difficult to believe that to this woman - 67 years. Vigorous, beautiful, coquettish - it is far not babulja, and the woman from capital letter.
I settle scores through the novels
- Who the protagonist of the new book?
is a continuation of history of life of Laki Santandzhelo, known to you under the previous books. At it children who, as well as their mum, same fighting, therefore constantly get to different situations have already grown up.
- you as - that said that some of your characters are written off from real people. Also what, nobody took offence?
- I have written the book which is called the Stallion . And all men in Hollywood have decided that it they have served as a prototype for it. But when I have written the book the Hollywood wives already women on me have taken up arms. One young woman even has approached to me on a party and speaks with the claim: You what for have written about my husband in the book? on what I have responded: That you expensive. Already so many the gone out stars in Hollywood. At all I meant thy husband . And it has even more got furious.
- a leah you Revenged someone through the books?
- Yes! I have really revenged one English journalist. She everyone wrote some weeks about me any muck in the column. I very easy transferred it. But once she has written about my native - and everything, I have blown up. I have written off one character from it: the stinker, zljuchka, the ugly creature - and thus it was very recognised. And this journalist is more never about me wrote.
- And with men thus an abacus reduced?
- I have written once in the novel the Hollywood wives about the producer who owed me the big money and did not return. In the end of the book my heroine delivers it very beautiful, podarochno the wrapped up bags. It opens them, and there, excuse, the bull shit. He, certainly, has learnt itself(himself), but money and has not paid.
My beautician in Hollywood - from Russia
- I heard that in your following book there will be a Russian heroine.
- Yes, Anja in Married lovers . It at teenage age gets to medley of the Chechen war. A family kill. It becomes the refugee. It is selected by the souteneur and sends in the Polish brothel, whence the girl is pulled out by one American. And by then, as Anja gets to America, she has worried already so much, though to it of only 18 years. Any background for the Russian heroine was necessary to me. I wanted, that it was the Muscovite by origin. And I have started to investigate Moscow on the Internet.
- you have Russian friends?
- I was on friendly terms with the well-known dancer Alexander Godunov. It was absolutely remarkable man. The macho, terribly charming, was able to flirt, look after, soul of the company. It is a pity that he so has early died.
at me the beautician Russian in Hollywood, Asya. I tease its all time. Because to her son of 30 years, it the handsome man, but still lives with mum. She has told: in Russia at us so it is accepted. It to it erases, prepares. Horror!
I do not believe in ideal life
- In all your books of the woman suffer affliction much...
- I at all do not believe in ideal life. Especially for the woman. Because we after all should deal with men. At all of us happens heart during any moment is broken. And I, as the writer, write about the dramatic situations to lives of my heroes. If they had an ideal life you would open the book and have told: faugh, boredom what!
- Musicians speak: to write good music, it is necessary most to suffer affliction strongly...
- On a broader scale it is necessary to write that you know basically. And who about me heard when - or, all usually think: about, it had such easy life full of a glamour. But my first husband was the addict. The second has died of a cancer at me on hands. Then I have been betrothed with the person, have lived with it six years, and he too has died. So you take something such of the life, from another`s and use it for the stories. I always say that I not vysokolobyj the founder of the literature. I write a fiction.
- It is not necessary to spend the life for expectation of the necessary man. If it to you meets, it is remarkable. If is not present - you have your trade, your career, your life, your passion. Something that for you is important.
Even if you married and at you two children, they when - nibud will grow and will leave. Also what you will do? To sit with the grown fat husband at the TV? Let you in life will have something the.
I have made myself. From school have excluded in 15 years. All spoke: you cannot become the writer, you cannot become the journalist because you do not have higher education, the diploma. And I have told: and you have gone!