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In Grozny there was a prospectus of a name of Putin

English version: Ramzan Kadyrov renames Victory Avenue after Putin
Yesterday in the morning in the Chechen capital on facades of the houses located on either side of the restored prospectus, there were tablets with inscriptions the Prospectus of a name of V.V.Putin . The decree the president of republic Ramzan Kadyrov on the occasion of 420 - letija has signed establishments of good-neighbourhood between the Chechen Republic and Russia. (This anniversary in the Chechen Republic are going to mark till the end of the year.)
On the area of a name of Ahmata Kadyrov where Putin`s prospectus begins, has passed mass meeting.
Cutting a red ribbon, Kadyrov so has explained the decision:
- Vladimir Putin`s Merits on restoration of peace, economy, social sphere of the Chechen Republic, on people rescue is boundless. As the Chechen as the Moslem I declare that is ready if it is required to die for Vladimir Putin. Thanks to this person we have come by today when in the Chechen Republic the world and calmness reign...
Yesterday we have phoned to Kadyrov and have asked it: has countenanced its decree about renaming Putin?
is a will of our people which I have fastened the decree, - the president of the Chechen Republic has told. - we hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich will understand us and will not mind.
By the way, the ground floors of many buildings on this prospectus are revetted by marble.
In the Russian government have commented on the initiative on assignment of a name of Putin to the prospectus in Grozny. similar decisions of regions are not subject to the coordination with the centre, so this decision only Ramzana Kadyrov, - the press - the secretary preme - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry of SAND has told. - Vladimir Putin was repeatedly voiced on this subject. He would prefer, that such initiatives were not. But also forbid them it too cannot .