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Has got!

Dear friends!
about problems of our city we do This heading with your help. We wait from you for letters, calls, messages on our site.
In a natural complex Kapustjansky in Sviblove want to begin illegal building 19 - floor office complex with underground garages. From the house 5 along the street Nansena this dot building will be on distance of only 7 metres. Tenants constantly protect a building place, without starting up there workers, and call militia when builders drive bulldozers.
Stas and Lena.
... To TRADE
In Krylatsky very few grocery shops for such enormous area, therefore many inhabitants buy bread, milk and vegetables - fruit in street tonarah, located near houses. Last week it became known that since October, 14th all points melkooptovoj trade in area will close under the order of prefecture of Joint-Stock Company. But what for to destroy what really facilitates life to thousand people?
Again as in the last autumn, diligent yard keepers from the near abroad scrape out from lawns fallen down leaves together with a grass. As a result - in court yard the naked dusty earth. Even on children`s playgrounds.
Elena, Cheremushki, JUZAO.
I live in pjatietazhke - hrushchobe in area Koptevo. In the summer near each entrance have put shops then our quiet life has come to an end. At night shouts, songs till the morning, syringes and beaten glass with stubs. You call 02 - they only laugh and say that there are no free crews. It that?!
the Inhabitants of a Krasnogorsk living in the street Zhukovsky and Railway journey, are urged to do a huge hook to get on station Pavshino platform. From these streets instead of turnstiles have established a deaf fence. As a result people are urged to go on rails and to get on a platform, as rock-climbers.
Maxim Vladimirovich.