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The main seismologist of the country: Moldova so did not shake more than two years

Early in the morning on May, 1st inhabitants of Moldova were woken by earthquake. As it was found out later, the magnitude of natural cataclysm has made 4,9 points. Scientists of the Center of seismology ANM have hastened to calm all, the given intensity of pushes does not represent any danger to people and their property. However have noticed that in Moldova of earthquakes of similar force it has not been fixed since February, 2009 that is completely not peculiar for our region. Usually pushes such occurred at us on 4 - 6 times a year. On a question, a leah it is necessary to be afraid to us of more powerful earthquake and as it is fast, seismologists have responded the following.

- We were tired to repeat everything including journalists, what to predict earthquakes it is impossible, - the head of the Center of seismology ANM Ilya Iliesh marks. - the Most powerful earthquake by force in 7,5 points, has occurred in Moldova in 1977, and in the people the version that similar destructive cataclysms   goes; ostensibly there is time in 30 - 40 years. I do not know, these figures whence undertook, and I consider that it is not necessary to spread panic. In seismology it is impossible to do any forecasts.  
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