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The new husband toljattinki nearly has not killed were in the face of court enforcement officers

the Mexican passions boiled last week in   to the Tolyatti high-rise building in the street Marshal Zhukov. Valery Khanin hardly was has not lost life, trying to be installed in native apartment.

Couple of years back the man has got divorced from wife and has moved down from the general living space. Then to Valery has bothered to wander on another`s corners, and it has submitted the claim about property section. The former spouse Natalia to exchange apartment has not wanted,   but the court has decided to be installed     Valery back.

the Ex-husband tried to transport the things in apartment, but the woman persistently did not open a door. It was necessary to call court enforcement officers.

Guards of the law have fast drawn up the installation statement, have given to Valera keys, and it with triumph has entered into apartment.

Police officers had not time to leave an entrance when have heard a shrill wail. They have run in in apartment and were dumbfounded. Valery lay on a floor, bleeding profusely. Over it the huge Azerbaijanian with a knife towered. Two police officers, by the way, strong children, have hardly beaten off toljattintsa at the hot southerner. It has appeared that it is Natalia new husband, and with the former spouse it was completely not glad to the neighbourhood.

the Result pitiable: the move-in have sent in hospital, the Azerbaijanian   have braided and have taken away in militia. Now to it the prison shines.