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On Berendeevom a bog has burnt out 15 hectares of a grass

the Heat has not come yet, and « Green Peace » already sounds alarm: a pier, in Yaroslavl region peatbogs have started to burn! Paly a dry grass on Berendeevom a bog near to the settlement with the same name (Reslavsky area) « green » have noticed on April, 30th.

- Fire has approached close to settlements Berendeevo and the Wolf Mount, but fire protection did not try to stop it out of territories of settlements, - are indignant grinpisovtsy. - In the Ministry report for April, 30th it is said that in Russia peat fires are not present.

And here the chief of fire-prevention group 4 in Reslavsky area Alexey Volodin asserts that has personally headed group for suppression of this fire.

- We three together extinguished two fires on this bog, has left on it eight hours, - he speaks. - has burnt out about 15 hectares. On fire there were old electric mains, narrow-gauge railway cross ties, but wood and peatbog kindlings were not, under a grass there were wet hummocks, water - so peat well could not light up in any way. By the way, from « Green Peace » to us of any messages on kindling did not arrive.

that in reports of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of this fire is not present, grinpisovtsy have appeared are right.

- On Berendeevom a bog there was only a grass kindling. In day such sometimes happens to 90, we do not consider them, - Arina Korotayev has commented the chief of department of propagation and public relations of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Yaroslavl region.


Than can turn back has fallen grasses on this bog, it becomes clear, when you see figures - the area of the drained peat deposit - three and a half thousand kilometres. After all it means that if will light up on full the smoke will be visible literally from windows of the Kremlin, in smoke blanketing there will be all Moscow suburbs.

Disturbs also what such here « negligible » paly grasses are at the bottom often of a burnout suffering with self a considerable damage. In village Novodashkovo of Nekrasovsky area has burnt down the country house the area of 120 sq. m. This fire too was engaged from a grass … And after all the summer yet did not begin!

- Only from April, 21 till April, 27th on suppression of a dry grass in territory of area firemen left already 269 times, - the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Yaroslavl region Paul Baryshev ascertains.

And for those who likes to be indulged with matches and to look, as fire creeps on blades, we inform: the penalty for a burning out of brushwood, a grass and a wood laying with infringements of requirements of fire security - from 2 to 3 thousand roubles. Overindulgence with fire in wood - 1,5 - 2,5 thousand roubles. And if games with matches have led to forest fire, it is necessary to lay out 5 thousand.


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