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Nikolay Starikov, the writer, the historian: the USA have destroyed Osama bin Laden. What further?

the First that it would be desirable to note: and a leah there was a boy? I doubt that   some bearded uncles, sitting in caves of Afghanistan, could think over so masterly explosions   towers - twins that physics laws could bypass even. Temperature   steel fusion of which have been made « cores » towers, it is ready above   temperatures of burning of aviation kerosene. And they have failed and   « have fused ». Well and the plane that ran into the Pentagon, and has at all combined   before blow about a building wings. Because traces from them not   was. Bin Laden has taught planes to put wings? These and hundreds others   « nuances » thoughts lead that acts of terrorism in New York were   are organised by Americans. And thereupon bin Laden`s figure,   Which has incurred responsibility for these evil deeds, looks   strange. More all reminding the agent - the provoker, which on ­ to   command; owners are incurred by everything that it is required to those.

the sad conclusion which was sounded by the hero   From here arises; Papanov in « to the Diamond hand »: « As my friend,   spoke; the dead, - I knew » too much;. Already for a long time bin Laden became   the character of the computer. Periodically something declared, were shown   any shots. On which, by the way, absolutely different people. And was   a leah it is live? I think that it or for a long time ­ liquidated, or this   the valuable agent of the USA has received the new person and the passport and today zhivee     all live.

but sooner or later it « to kill » have been simply obliged. And differently as?

Searched for 20 years and have not found? Who after that will believe in omnipotence of the USA? And so it is sick in time it « have killed ». Not   has passed also days after murder of grandsons of Kaddafi, as the world   it is distracted on other supernews. A leah

the world became more safe now? For what reason to it such to become? Terrorism - the powerful weapon of influence of Anglo-Saxons on competitors. Special services of the USA will spend a number of acts of terrorism on the world   also will explain all it « revenge » from outside « Al - Kaidy ». Where the new leader will incur responsibility for blood. I think that   still only begins.