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Occupied mum took to the kid the wet nurse

If still recently someone has told 20 - summer Ljube that she will nurse another`s child, she would not believe. To take the wet nurse there were a commonplace many centuries back. Then children of women of quality   raised commoners. About this Ljuba when - that read in books. And consequently, having heard such offer in the address, first was surprised.

- work easy, and earnings good: everything that from you is required, is to feed together with the kid also the stranger, - Ljube the doctor in maternity home before an extract has told. To the ljubinomu son Meath was five days. It was in another`s city, one, with the child on hands.

to Naberezhnye Chelny Ljuba has got over recently from a small small village. Was arranged to work on the market, in the same place has got acquainted with Alexey - the neighbour on to a counter . At them the novel which lasted half a year has twirled. When Alexey has learnt that Ljuba is pregnant, has there and then disappeared: Has replaced phone number, on demountable apartment and in the market has not appeared any more.

Ljuba worked to the last. The help had to wait: her parents have died, when it was still small. Earnings in the market were small, and shortly before childbirth of Ljube it was necessary to leave from the market   - it could not since morning till the night work standing any more. When has come to give birth to time, hardly naskrebla money for a taxi to reach to clinic. That is why, having heard the offer of the doctor, Ljuba has thought that it is day it unique rescue.  

- certainly, I at first was frightened. After all I did not know, what is this a family. And me at once have told that I with the son will constantly live at them, - tells Ljuba. – But the doctor began to convince me that a family reliable. Also has told that they to me will pay eight thousand roubles a month, - tells Ljuba.

Already next day for Any and her son Mitej to maternity home there has arrived a brand new foreign car. Family of Korobkovyh (the surname is changed – the avenue avt) lives in suburb of Boats in the house.

- when I have seen their house again was in shock   –   the big two-storeyed cottage, with huge pool in a court yard and a sauna, - remembers Ljuba. – And I even now, having lived here almost year, I do not know precisely, how much in it rooms. Here one hall - as all my apartment which I removed.

the girl was met by owners - the young girl coeval Ljuby and her husband which was by sight more senior the spouse. They spent the wet nurse in a nursery on the ground floor.

- I expected to see pair is more senior, but the mistress was young, beautiful, high, with burningly black hair,   - the girl tells. – to me have told that I will live with the son at them, and my duties include only feeding of the child. All the rest are done by the nurse. Also there was one more rule: At first I should put to a chest of their son, and then already feed the if there will be a milk. But with it problems have not arisen: milk at me was much.

to Dairy mum have announced some more rules which it should carry out accurately: to it it has been strictly forbidden to leave in a city (owners were afraid that it will pick up a flu or will catch a cold), to meet men, and also to leave a room when visitors come to the house. Owners did not advertise that their son has a wet nurse.

- when I few times nevertheless have caught sight to their friends, they have told that I the nurse, - tell Ljuba. - the Child of owners of all for a week is more senior mine. On feeding it bring under the schedule. First the security guard during feeding took away my son in other room. Were afraid, that children have not mixed.

though Ljuba also became in any degree servants, nevertheless the life she names royal: Every morning the cook brings to it a plentiful breakfast - sandwiches with caviar, a sour cream glass, tea with milk, a fruit candy, walnuts, fruit. That milk at the wet nurse was that is necessary.

- For a dinner or a supper to me always offer dishes on a choice, I so am tasty still never ate, - she rejoices.

at leisure Ljuba with native son Mitej walks on a garden or watches film. It, by the way, was one more condition of owners. Every day to the wet nurse bring cartridges with comedies to cheer it up. At good mood and milk will be good - owners are assured.  

having lived any time in the new house, Ljuba has understood, why its services were necessary for them. The mistress, mum of the kid - the girl occupied and a lot of time spends on business trips. And even houses time most part sits in front of the computer with a pile of papers.

- and still I heard that she is afraid to spoil a figure, - Ljuba shares. - Said that right after sorts it was tightened in a corset.

to « to the foster brother » the little son Ljuba for nine months of life at owners too has got used. One it upsets – very soon its contract will end.  

- owners are always affable, and I have got used to their way of life, - the girl speaks.

Ljuba has had time to save up money and just in case already looks for own apartment.

- the son has grown up, I want to try to get a job in kindergarten the nurse, - tells Ljuba.   Also adds. - if only owners to me will not suggest to remain longer. Then I will agree.

And you would take the wet nurse? If mum cannot feed itself, what it is better - to give to the kid a mix or to employ the wet nurse?