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That for a miracle before us: twisted zemklubnika with moustaches!

that sell under the pretext of seeds of cultural plants? How to buy safe saplings? And why fertilizers - a delayed-action bomb? Employees of Rosselhoznadzora, selectors and workers of state farms will tell and will show how to secure the kitchen garden against fakes, infections and chemistry to grow up a good harvest.

One must reap as one has sown. Summer residents that is why do not feel sorry money for seeds, are assured of it of fertilizer, soil mixes, protection frames of plants, sadovo - garden stock. The sowing period - time to earn. So swindlers argue and do not miss chance to make profit of national love to agriculture. After all on grains and saplings it is possible to make the whole fortune. Gardeners continually are trapped today by dangers.

In a package with an inscription a beet - fennel seeds, in packing with turnip - parsley, instead of a cucumber grows a tomato. Journalists have bought and have planted seeds of ten different vegetables: a garden radish, tomatoes, cabbage, an eggplant... Experts of Institute of seeds have checked up, how much the ascended sprouts correspond to that is written on packing.

the Second problem of seeds - bad vshozhest. From 30 packs of seeds which were planted by Elena Kurnosova, has ascended all steam of sprouts. And in a pack with flowers seeds at all there was no kernel. All not ascended seeds have been made by one firm. To find out, why seeds have not ascended, authors of the program were converted to the manufacturer. Elena has spent for seeds of more one and a half thousand roubles. Also have demanded to return money.

On a question why seeds badly ascend, to authors « Inhabitancies » and have not responded. Therefore they were converted to experts of Institute of seed-growing and selection of vegetable cultures. As they said, more often seeds do not ascend, because they empty. That is under a cover simply there is no germ. To make out, a full or empty sunflower seed inside – it is impossible, but there is a way it to check up. « inhabitancy » has bought 100 packs of seeds of vegetables, fruit and colours. With these packs have gone to one of the Moscow lycees. In an office of physics with the help ebonitovoj sticks the teacher has distinguished empty grains from the full. Experts have told to us, in what else ways it is possible to distinguish empty seeds.

« Khabarovsk all-union scientific research institute of selection and seed-growing of vegetable cultures of V.I.Edelshtejna ». In last season it is all-union scientific research institute has filled up Russia with seeds of fantastic plants. For example, they sold « twisted zemklubniku » - « a hybrid of garden wild strawberry with a strawberry ». Actually such all-union scientific research institute does not exist in the nature, as well as similar plants.

According to experts, there is more than half of grades of plants which are on sale today, on a broader scale are not registered anywhere. They are not present in « the Register of selection achievements ». Authors of the program will check up, a leah so it actually.

Saplings. It too an original pig in a poke. Instead of an apple-tree can sell a pear, and instead of one grade – another. In the markets nobody watches that sell, and the majority of buyers does not understand saplings. Journalists have dug out sprouts of different trees in wood of Krasnodar territory and have sold them in the market under the pretext of saplings of pears, apples and plums. How to choose correct saplings? Known gardeners will tell about it to us.

The secret of a good harvest is not so much in seeds, how much in podkarmlivanii soil. Good fertilizer not only will sate a plant with useful substances, but also from insects will protect. But sometimes fertilizers turn to the weapon. To show that occurs to fertilizers at infringement of storage conditions, pyrotechnics will blow up some packings. And experts will tell, what kinds of fertilizers pose threat and as them correctly to store.

Alternative dangerous « chemistry » – organic fertilizers. Their efficiency is visible not at once, but the result appears much more favourably. Within two weeks journalists budum to fertilise two identical saplings chemical and organic fertilizers and we will look, as they influence a plant.

« Inhabitancy. A leah in a garden, in a kitchen garden » on May, 7th, 12. 15, the First.