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Ooze of Kandelaki has bought Lamborghini almost for one million dollars?

before recent time TV presenter Tina Kandelaki admitted that it has only one weakness   - gadgets.

- I will not be over-modest, I work much and I earn enough to afford those things which are pleasant to me, - spoke « » Ooze of Kandelaki. - And brilliants, and gadgets are pleasant to me most of all not. Hardly Steve Jobs (the founder of computer empire Apple. - Red.) Represents, how much deductions to it come from Russia from one separately taken family. Each feast we with children buy something new. It is no wonder that Melanija and Leonty so well understand gadgets.

but, seemingly, not gadgets uniform there lives presently stylish beauty Tina Kandelaki. For quite some time now the TV presenter even more often see by expensive sports car « Lamborghini ». Graceful grey « a bird » one kind reminds what go by it can only at whom with the finance a full order.

- without detailed survey it is difficult to tell, how much is such car, - experts speak. - from 7 million roubles to 25. Depending on a complete set.

the TV presenter in any way does not make comments on the information on the new car.

Not the car - dream.
a photo: Sergey SHAKHIDJANYAN

Whence at it such superpenalties it is not meaningful to guess. Has bought itself. What for? For udovolsvtija.

  - the Annual turnover of my company Apostle Media has made 5,5 million dollars, and profit - 1,5 million dollars, - Ooze recently publicly admitted.

the TV presenter lately even more often says that has left in work with a head. Even on appointments to men of time does not remain. Probably, on this « Lamborghini » Kandelaki plans to drive in first ten list « Forbs » knowingly it last week was included into board of one of banks. Time will tell.