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Schoolboys from the North Ossetia investigated stegozavrov and... Soap bubbles

In the end of March in Moscow there has passed the International children`s festival of creative opening and initiatives « Leonardo ». Participants of festival - and them was more than 200 - represented different corners of Russia, and also the CIS country. Children from school 1 North Ossetia city of Ardon have adequately proved to be. At festival schoolboys represented the design and research works on geography, stories, to art, mathematics, physics, linguistics, chemistry, applied researches and another.

the Jury estimated not only an urgency of the chosen problem, but also the standard of speech of children, their answers to questions. Pluses were also ability to create presentation, independence and skill to communicate. And it is at times not so simply, after all in « Leonardo » schoolboys traditionally participate.

Finalists of festival of a steel of Anastas Timofeeva, Milan Ktsoeva and Marat Karaev. Work of Marata, he studies in the first grade, judges have allocated especially. The young scientist in the research was transferred on millions years ago and has tried to find out, what for stegozavru on his back two numbers of plates. By the way, from - for this ornaments the prehistoric animal also has been named « stegozavrom » that means « a roofing pangolin ». By the way, even outstanding scientists have not come till now to a common opinion. Marat has put forward some versions including such that they were the original accumulator which accumulated solar energy that the dinosaur could use it during cool time of day.

five pupils became Prize-winners of festival. Despite the age, children lifted absolutely adult subjects in researches. So, third-grader Evelina Plieva who has occupied 3 - e a place, investigated, as different colours influence an emotional status of schoolboys. It has appeared that one paints raise working capacity, and others, to the contrary, and pull in a sleepiness. The second place was divided among themselves by schoolgirls of the third class of Sabine of Mamayev and Alain Dzgoeva. The first place was occupied also with two pupils of the third class. Milan Butaeva has told about stories alanov, and Vadim Dzhigkaev has described the experiences with soap bubbles. It has gone in the footsteps of Newton and Leonardo da Vinci which tried to understand why soap bubbles are poured by all colours of a rainbow. All children have received diplomas, reading and writing, and « gold » prize-winners - cameras.

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the International children`s festival of creative opening and initiatives « Leonardo » considers a role of the person in its mutual relations with world around and with similar. For this reason the figure Leonardo da Vinci - the versatile person, the bright creative person creating for the blessing of all mankind became a festival symbol. In activity of schoolboys the creative knowledge and individual perception of the world of all its variety, attempt of origin of ideas, influences on the world through processing of knowledge and the experience, saved up by mankind is considered.