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Before being hung up 10 - the summer boy from Nazarovo has drawn itself in grobike

Shocking case has occurred in Nazarovsky area of Krasnoyarsk region. The ten years` boy has committed suicide. As Olga Shamansky has explained the senior assistant administrator of regional Investigatory committee, the boy could go on it from - for problems in a family. The family safe, but rather has moved recently from Achinsk to settlement the Red hill.   parents forced the child to help on an economy.

Beds, care of livestock and new school,   probably, at all did not please the child. Some days before death it has drawn a picture: itself in grobike.

check following the results of which, probably, will file criminal charges is now spent dosledstvennaja.  

the Principal where the hung up boy studied: « It was not hammered, sociable child! »

At rural school where studied 10 - the summer boy who has committed suicide (settlement the Red Hill, Nazarovsky area) recently has passed meeting together with education management. On it a school management together with psychologists tried to understand, from - for what the child could so to arrive. Its writing-books looked, drawings studied.

- All at it on educational affairs was as it should be, on average « 4 » on marks went, - Paul Chupachenko, the director   tells; poselkovoj   schools where the lost child studied. - but you know, if at school it it is very good all tasks did, purely wrote, tried, homeworks – forgive me, as a chicken a paw as if from - under sticks did: one « the two » yes « three » received … Behind study its parents did not look, though outwardly the boy was always tidy, accurate. Not hammered, not zatjukannyj, the sociable child. Even was closer to leaders from serednjachkov, than lagging behind. What on the account stood, it not truth everything, the boy went to 4 class, what militia?! Yes, plaid about, plaid pranks on peremenkah, but moderately, as all children!

the Family of the lost boy lives on village suburb, therefore friends at it was not strong, communicated with 8 - klassnikami which near with it lived. Some days before tragedy schoolboys with whom the boy studied, in its behaviour have not noticed any strangenesses. Speak, on fishing a day before it it went with boys, have fished, had fun, strange the child did not tell anything.  

- the Fault of school here is not present, - Paul Nikolaevich speaks, - we with psychologists it looked through school drawings: such good, bright, kind, really standing pictures. And that houses – houses darkness! Speak parents can one, and do absolutely another, to be engaged with the child it was necessary.