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In May to Krasnoyarsk region should bring 30 thousand tons of gasoline

« Combustible » tears

30 thousand tons of gasoline which will help to relieve the tension on Krasnoyarsk refuellings, should deliver with Angarsk NPZ. About it has told   the general director of a network of the gas station « Sangilen + » the Novel Goldman. If it does not occur, most likely, we should manage the stocks which at many zapravshchikov already come to an end. Approximately to the middle of month   on seasonal repair will stay Achinsk and Omsk NPZ (accordingly, in a city on some refuellings already is absent 92 - j gasoline from these manufacturers). If fuel does not appear and in Angarsk, fuel should be asked in Ufa, and this rather decent distance (additional time and monetary expenses). However, if gasoline also will not bring up   in time, under the statement of the Novel of Goldman, absolutely fuel from the Krasnoyarsk gas stations will not disappear.

- On refuellings « Gazpronefti » « Rosneft » and « Krasnojarsknefteprodukt » gasoline will suffice to endure long fuel crisis. At first two huge stocks, and « KNP » - the semistate organisation, and the authorities will take care, that there what did not need, - has explained the Novel Goldman, the general director of a network of the gas station « Sangilen + ».

the Rests zapravshchikam should tighten belts more tightly and to suffer   - by the gross from tank farms the diesel engine is shipped only. At the gas station « Sangilen + » gasoline remains for 4 days. As to the prices, that, under forecasts of the Novel of Goldman, they even after the termination of crisis will not start to fall.

With what all has begun?

In December of last year the largest exporters of fuel start to reduce shipments to home market, planning to increase the prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, thus. It to suppliers to make not distances, and those have moved on a foreign market, increasing import, giving the stocks for a hillock.

Paradox – oil is, fuel – no. Just in the spring on the majority Russian NPZ seasonal repair work begins, that is they stop oil refining. Besides, under the same Goldman`s statement, overwhelming majority NPZ have simply become outdated (some work for 70 years) and are technically incapable of manufacture increase. The result is available. More precisely, on most   the bottom of a fuel tank.

Fuel = meal

Anyhow, indirectly or directly, all of us – gasoline consumers. Bread which bring on « gazelkah » in city shops, wood which bring down benzopilami and as bring on bulky timber carrying vessels … From here – a firm rule: the price for products (and many other things) directly - proportionally depends on the prices for gasoline.

If, say, before a sowing campaign it is not necessary to be afraid of deficiency of fuel (for agricultural needs it always will be) here the prices for fuel can complicate life to peasants.

we Remind that last modifications of the prices for fuel you   can learn on our site.

25,00 rbl.
the gas station AI - 92 AI - 95 AI - 98 DT
« the Magnate - RD » 23,90 rbl. 26,00 rbl. 27,00 rbl. 22,80 rbl.
« the Cedar » 24,70 rbl. - 26,80 rbl. 22,50 rbl.
« KNP » - - 28,00 rbl. 23,80 rbl.
« Fate Plus » 27,00 rbl. 28,00 rbl. 23,80 rbl.
« 25 hours » 24,90 rbl. 27,00 rbl. 28. 00 rbl. 23,80 rbl.
« Gazpromneft » 22,90 rbl. - - 22,80 rbl.
« Rosneft » 22,80 rbl. 24,70 rbl. - 22,10 rbl.
« the Positive » 23,70 rbl. 26,00 rbl. 27,00 rbl.
« Sangilen Plus » 24,40 rbl. 26,00 rbl. - 23. 00 rbl.