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eks - head Bank of Moscow probably, nevertheless will arrest. In absentia

Inspectors ask to give out sanctions on correspondence arrest of the former president « Bank of Moscow » Andrey Borodina. Such petition has entered the Tver court of Moscow on what has informed on Wednesday to news agencies a press - the court secretary Ekaterina Ilyin.

Also in court the petition for correspondence arrest of the former first deputy of Borodino Dmitry Akulinina has arrived.

Andrey Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin have been discharged of management « Bank of Moscow » in connection with an investigation of the case of swindle with the credit from means of the city budget for the sum almost in 13 billion roubles. Both of them were not in the appointed term to the inspector. Thus Andrey Borodin has left Russia and is in London where, according to the inquiry shown to investigating bodies, it is treated for a nervous breakdown.

In the meantime in the end of April at extraordinary meeting of shareholders « Bank of Moscow » the new head of this bank - Michael Kuzovlev has been chosen.

In a press already repeatedly there were messages that that Borodin will be put on the international wanted list about the decision about its compulsory drive on interrogation, but these messages denied official bodies. The known oligarch - fugitive Boris Berezovsky who now also is in London, already came out with the assumption that Borodin, probably, will ask in Great Britain of a political asylum. Borodin denied till now such prospect.

* * *

As it became known later on Wednesday, the former first vice-president of Bank of Moscow Dmitry Akulinin accused on the case of plunder from bank 13 mlrd of roubles, is put on the international wanted list. The inspector has informed on it on business Dmitry Pisarevsky in the Tver court of Moscow.