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The Rostov businessman has put 19 knife wounds to the stepson, demanding to name a place where his mother

Tragedy hides has happened in April, 2011, in Chertkovsky area of the Rostov region - in small village Novoselovka. Among midnight 41 - summer Araik Kjuregjan has broken into the house mothers of the former civil spouse and the partner (they have together organised the enterprise for manufacture trotuarnoj tiles). He demanded to name a place where its former Tatyana hides. Roommates have dispersed more month back. The woman was tired of a constant beating and scandals with which arranged to it « hot Caucasian » the spouse. Having declared rupture, Tatyana has left on earnings to Rostov, the younger daughter has sent to her father, and the son — 16 - summer Vadik - to the grandmother.

- the Pensioner tried to bring to reason the broken into the house former son-in-law, and that as from a chain has broken, phone number eks - sozhitelnitsy demanded, - Ekaterina Danova, the employee tells a press - services GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Rostov region. - In the end - the ends, mother has surrendered and has told to it mobile daughters, however number was out of a network operative range.

Now Araika disturbs term which he will receive for death of the stepson.

the Enraged man, swinging a knife before the mother-in-law and the stepson, has violently pushed Vadim on a forward passenger seat and has jerked from a place. The pensioner, knowing about stern temper of the son-in-law, has run to call in police.

six years nurtured, and has then killed

- On alarm the plan - interception has been entered. The suspect could go anywhere, therefore about happened we have informed the information in the next areas of area, and also to colleagues from OVD on the Peter and Paul area of the Voronezh region, - chief OVD on Chertkovsky area Yury Ljubchenko speaks . - However on one of lines the car of the suspect has not been noticed.

Araik Kjuregjan began to assert later that went directly and directly on a dirt road. The stepson whom it has backhand struck a hand, has become silent and only postanyval   - the broken nose was ill. In the morning when has started to brighten, the man has understood that it has appeared around any ponds where the car has got stuck. Here « man`s » conversation has again proceeded. On the next requirement to tell where there lives mother, the hackneyed stepson, probably, has to spite muttered:

- Yes it already has found for a long time another! You are not necessary to it!

after these words the stepfather has seized a knife and began to strike blows. Has stopped, when the teenager whom he named last six years the son, any more did not resist. As experts later will establish, the stepfather has put to Vadim of an order of 20 blows by a knife in a chest and a stomach.

the murderer was calculated thanks to a cellular telephone

At this time by policemen for whom number of a mobile phone of the thief became known, tried to it will phone. The man already knowing that the stepson is dead, has decided to lift a tube and « has allowed » Itself to persuade to surrender, he has told supposedly the car has got stuck at any ponds. « the fourteenth » have found at a village Old Kriusha of the Peter and Paul area of the Voronezh region. The field investigators who have seen the boy on a forward seat, have tried to render to it first aid, but already was late.

- I did not want it to kill, is simple so have occurred, - the jealous man
confirmed during interrogation, once again changing indications. The fanatic that accused the stepson that that has finished it to extreme degree of furiousness it was switched to it « with … at - mother ». Though actually him stirred not so not were sozhitelnitsa, and term which threatens for murder of the stepson more.

- now concerning the inhabitant of settlement Chertkovo investigating bodies Voronezh and the Rostov region bring criminal case under two articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation: parts 2, the item « in » « g » and « d » Articles 126 (Kidnapping) and parts of 4 articles 111 (Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health), - has explained « the Novel of Cancers, the senior inspector of Kalacheevsky investigatory department of SOU SK across the Voronezh region .

Vadim was di - dzheem at school.
a photo: From open sources

If the fault of the stepfather will be proved, to it threatens till 20 years of imprisonment. However for native the young Vadim, known school di - dzheja which this year dreamt to enter the Rostov college on information security faculty, even the maximum term will not seem to the big.