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As I in an order resulted legs

In the street spring. So it would be desirable to flash beautiful legs before a nose of the nice guy! But for this purpose it is necessary legs in an order to result: a pedicure, a peeling, trays and other. But the very first - epiljatsija. That now only for it have not thought up: traditional and not so the razor, wax ploski, a cream - gel, an epilator, eventually! We will try, than to use more conveniently.

Last place. An epilator

Having had heard plenty much about this miracle of technics, I have decided to begin with it. Did not begin to buy -   suddenly   it will not be pleasant, and 1500 roubles   - it is a lot of. Therefore has borrowed a miracle - the device at the colleague.

- I have once used it, any more have not risked, - she warned me.

But at me experiment! What advice here can be: has thrust a cord in the socket and forward.   At first has frightened off a sound a miracle - machines: opposite loud « zhzhzh ». But having taken courage, I nevertheless have brought an epilator to a foot. An once has sufficed: hairs all on a place and with them in the company – a redness and burning. polegchalo it is a little from a cool cream for hands. But the red stain kept even minutes twenty. Not, more this terrible piece I in hands will not take!  

the question Price: 1500 roubles

IV. Wax strips

They oppositely do not buzz, the big skills in use do not demand. Simply you take a strip, for about a minute you pound in palms while wax will not be shouted. Then you press to a leg. Once more you pound. Also you pull on yourself that there are forces, against growth of hair.

Has pulled. Has shouted at all apartment. Hairs deletes, of course, not bad. And the effect then is not less week. But in my opinion this method approaches more masochists. And more one « but »: Remained after such epiljatsii it is possible to remove wax only the special napkins going in the complete set. By soap it to do very difficult – it foully remains on a foot.

the question Price: 200 roubles

III   a place. Gel.

Gel to me have presented for New year. Well not to vanish to good, let will serve for the blessing of readers. To use it it is simple: you smear with gel a foot, a hand or still that out of need you Wait for 6 minutes. Then all it you erase in a shower by means of a special sponge.

And all anything, only where 6 minutes all these to wait? To stand in the middle of a bath pending « a miracle »? Cold. To be warmed by hot water it is impossible – gel smoesh. And to wander on apartment in such kind – house with laughter will die.  

And it was necessary to me to represent six minutes a statue in a bathroom. Has frozen – fear. And where to disappear? The beauty demands victims. In the put starting time to wash off gel, pounding a leg a sponge. The foot has reddened. But it is fine though did not burn down. Hairs which - where were gone, which - where remained. They should be cleaned the razor. Contrary to promises of advertisers, effect   « smooth legs » kept only two and a half day.

the question Price: 79,8 roubles

II   a place. The cheap razor.

  namuchivshis with « advanced » methods epiljatsii, I have decided to return to more habitual. The first in the field of my sight the most usual shaving machine tool has got. Basically, a convenient piece. At least, here you, instead of any gel, solve where to make thy skin smooth and where is not present.

  However, all cheap razors have variety « minuses »: on knees and elbows they « revolve ». Besides, it is possible to be cut with the razor strongly. Hairs start to grow almost in 12 hours after procedure.

On the other hand, it is a cheap way. And to change razors it is possible though each time. And that effect of a smooth skin sufficed for long time, it is possible to use a shaving cream. Not important what. And after shaving do not forget to smear a leg with any cream that there was no irritation.

the question Price: 20 roubles

I   a place. The razor with a floating head.

For me it is the main break in methods of modern depilation. To it to shave more conveniently, than cheap – on knees it it is quiet « flies by ». And process of shaving is much more pleasant. As a rule, on such devices there is a softening small pillow. Thanks to it there is no irritation on a skin.

But minuses at this way too are. In - the first, it is the price. There is a razor about four hundreds. And in a stock only two cartridges. Everyone suffices approximately for two months. Replaceable cartridges – still plus of 225 roubles. And them that you will forget to buy, money it is a pity.

the Second « a minus ». It is necessary to watch, that the razor not « turned over ». And that will turn out that you have a shave not with an edge, and a soft small pillow.

But despite all lacks, this way the most convenient. But I want to remind that this my personal opinion. Independent, but subjective.