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On May, 2nd the governor of the Oryol region has celebrated the birthday

to the Head of region 62 years were executed. The active governor radiating with energy is well familiar to all orlovtsam. About its working capacity legends go: works sometimes without days off and has time to make for days so much affairs, how much the simple person will not master and for a week. For two years of a governorship to it, certainly,   much was possible - region indicators grow in the industry and agriculture, the social sphere develops. But, perhaps, its most important achievement -   come back to orlovtsam trust to the power.

Alexander Petrovicha`s Life, a way from the simple rural guy to the higher echelons of power, certainly, is interesting. On the eve of birthday it is published its own narration about itself which became one of the first and most popular fasts in its blog.

the Head of region is always open for dialogue and works in a mode of the maximum publicity.

« I was born and have grown in village Seitovo of Verhneuslonsky area Tatar ASSR. It was when - that big village located on the left coast of Volga, near to Kazan.

my Parents have worked all life in agriculture. Not by hearsay I know, how since small years to earn own work a bread piece. Studied, worked along with adults. Anybody never complained. All did on lifting. There was an enthusiasm, there was a belief in the future, in own forces. And now I try not to lose these sensations.

Alexander Petrovich with special respect concerns veterans.

Even during study at school has gone to work as the assistant to the combine operator. But then the father has told: « It is necessary to study ».

I always loved the literature, history. Loved also the exact sciences. I consider that any work can be built by their principles: so that teleologically, precisely, effectively to spend forces, means.

In Kanashsky financial technical school (Chuvashiya) I have got, it is possible to tell, directly from - for a combine steering wheel. There I have studied three years on a speciality « the Finance and the credit ». After study in technical school me have invited to work in central office of the Ministry of Finance Tatar ASSR where earlier I took place practice in a Zelenodolsk a district finance department the tax inspector. So I have started to work as the controller - the auditor kontrolno - auditing management of the Ministry of Finance of RSFSR on the Tatar republic and have the same year entered Kazan financially - economic institute.

With 84 - go year when transfer in the Ministry of Finance of the USSR has followed, veins and worked in Moscow. Occupied various posts in the allied Ministry of Finance, Committee of national control of the USSR. On crisis of epoch when in the beginning 90 - h years there was a formation of similar republican structures, I some time worked in Presidential Administration of RSFSR: in Control management headed department of the state audit, was the deputy chief of Control management. Since 1992 worked in governmental body of Russia where was responsible for interaction with regions. In 1998 in connection with Victor Stepanovicha Tchernomyrdin`s resignation has been urged to hand over all affairs and to leave in business. About two with superfluous years worked as the vice-president of the Tyumen oil company.

the Governor - the person the believer. It tremblingly concerns affairs church and always supports local clergy.

In 1999 the offer from which as it is frequent in such cases speak has arrived, it was impossible to refuse: again has returned to executive power and till April, 2004 worked as a deputy head of governmental body of the Russian Federation. Investigating questions of a regional policy, I not only have studied the problems facing subjects of Federation, but also have seen, how much the potential is put in each of them. At the competent approach of local authorities and timely support of the centre it is possible to normalise any situation.

Since April, 2004 and before purpose fulfilling duties of the governor of the Oryol region worked as the deputy minister of agriculture. I remember this time as one of the most fruitful. On the instructions of minister Alexey Vasilevicha Gordeyev   I have headed some kind of a branch staff on national project realisation « agrarian and industrial complex Development ». I do not hide that sincerely I am proud: at my personal participation it was possible to make much for development of agriculture of the country, overcoming of negative tendencies 90 - h years, an exit on a way of steady growth. And today, despite serious weather anomalies of 2010, Russia by right takes the place among the largest world manufacturers of grain. Large investments have come to agriculture, transition to new technological level is carried out, the further development was received by positive tendencies in animal industries and, of course, in social sphere of village.

the head of region gives Special attention to agriculture. This picture is made on fields of Open Society of agrarian and industrial complex « the Oryol Field ». To the right of the governor - the general director of the enterprise Sergey Budagov.

In February, 2009 the Oryol period of my biography has begun. On February, 16th, 2009 I have been appointed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev fulfilling duties of the governor of the Oryol region, on February, 27th country council of People`s Deputies have unanimously voted for investment me powers of the governor.

Estimated and I estimate this purpose as an indicator of trust of the country leaders, the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putin.

In a youth Alexander Petrovichu could work as the combine operator. Now it does not miss chance to direct modern technics.

the President well knows me, knows my approach to business. My purpose also I connect and that the Oryol region - agrarian, the person with knowledge of agricultural sphere here was necessary, and I all - taki almost have worked five years in the Ministry of Agriculture.

I Think, there is a certain law in a choice of road which I have taken place. I have an experience in sphere of public finances if want,   « the auditor » I am familiar with questions of a personnel and regional policy, I consider that during the last years have not bad studied an agrarian direction. It is the most valuable vital, administrative « the capital ». I can not name myself the optimist or the pessimist. More likely, I the incorrigible realist: I see prospect and I consider that always it is necessary to believe in own forces.

After my purpose for couple of weeks has gone round area up and down, has visited all areas, has visited a large quantity of villages and everywhere communicated with people. Orlovtsy - kind, human, opened.

I make all efforts that people could live adequately that the region rose. It is process of the big teamwork in which should be included not only members of the regional government, deputies, businessmen, but also each private soldier orlovets.

It was necessary to adjust essentially new model of the management, many questions solving in a manual mode, involving considerable support of the federal centre. Today we leave on new level: it is possible to start to live, instead of to survive.
trust to the power - the major resource for a development of the region. I am convinced that the power should be opened. Constant dialogue with representatives of the public, politicians, simple citizens is necessary... »


Dear Alexander Petrovich!

Open Society Collective « agrarian and industrial complex the Oryol Field » and Joint-Stock Company « agrarian and industrial complex the Youth » Sincerely congratulates
you happy birthday, wishes health, successes, reliable friends and co-workers in yours   to responsible work   for the blessing of people and prosperity of perfect Oryol edge. Good luck to you   in all noble causes and undertakings. And we in turn are always ready to support!