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The Kuban foresters prepare for Palm sunday

Tomorrow the orthodox celebrate Palm sunday. It is considered that this day Jesus Christ has entered into Jerusalem where its palm branches greeted the people. As palm trees in Russia you will seldom meet, them have replaced with willow branches. This plant is dismissed by the first in the spring and symbolises the life beginning.

Russians went To olden time to break a willow about the rivers. Now all go marketing. In the regional centre the bouquet costs on the average 30 roubles, small - a tchervonets. In the centre traditionally charge an exorbitant price, on suburbs - it is less.   But also there and there trade goes enough smartly. And it in spite of the fact that in many temples a willow distribute free of charge.

By the way if all of you have dared to go in the old manner to wood behind a willow branch,   keep in mind that can meet there not so hospitable owner. Certainly, I now speak not about a bear.

- Before a feast we always leave in spot-checks and we catch infringers. It would be desirable to remind readers « » that penalties for damage and  destruction of trees - from 3 to 3,5 thousand roubles. Officials should lay out 20 - 30 thousand, and legal 50 - 100, - have warned in department of control of department of a forestry of Krasnodar territory.  

It is considered that the consecrated willow possesses salutary force. It needs to be stored till next year.

- Then branches need to be burnt, - has reminded a press - the secretary of Ekaterinodarsky and Kuban archdiocese archimandrite Trifon. - Or to let out in the river.
on a feast in a diet it is possible to add caviar and fish. And to learn weather for all summer. Anyway, in it old residents believe.

- If this day the sun shines, means, and holiday months will be serene and in lack fruit will not be, - hope babuli.