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Geese darlings!.

mum except an economy on the house also sewed by the remarkable big car « Singer ». As soon as it sat down to sew, started and to sing. Its songs till now I remember. And for me when sat down to take rest, mum told fairy tales. Most of all I loved one of them. The little boy has lost the way in wood. Also has begun to cry … And here on a glade grey geese have sat down. The boy began to ask the big birds: « Geese darlings, plant me on wings, carry away to the mother and the father ».

the Fairy tale was, of course, with the happy end. Soon I have seen and « darlings » geese. On our court yard there lived only hens. And very much it would be desirable to see geese. Mum took me to rinse linen on small river. And here directly near water I have seen the geese, two big and a lot of yellow, small. Certainly, at once it wanted to me to stroke fluffy « chickens ». But it was not pleasant to the big goose. It has extended a neck and is sick through trousers has pinched me. « mum, it bites! » my defender why - that has laughed and has waved before a goose a thin twig: « Will know Evsej how to tease geese ». Mum has explained: they are geese safely protect gusjat …

IN our street there lived the old man, which all called Samohoj (I guess now: Timoha), but all called him equally. He did not take offence, to all bowed, throwing up a red beard.

in Hozjajstvom Samoha was not engaged, helping sometimes to the brother. Hunting though it useless was the getter was its passion. Women, having seen Samohu, laughed: « Whom has shot, a wolf or a fox? » « all here, in a bag » - Samoha good-natured responded.

why - that pulled Me to talk to the hunter. At us on a porch of Samoha sometimes sat down to take rest and, having got a tobacco pouch, with appetite sneezed, smelling tobacco. It concerned me friendly. « Well, sparrows from a slingshot you beat? » - « I of geese saw - flew by over small river » - « Geese?. » I have told, how geese flied … « Yes, it is geese. Fly one after another « a string » that is in single file ».

Having grown bolder, I began to ask on geese. Has asked, a leah uncle Samoha of geese extracted. « no, my friend, never was necessary … the Goose - a bird careful and sensitive. Go to bed - sentries leave. And not to fall asleep, a stone in a beak take … »

House geese.

And in a week ours prirechnaja the street endured a rare show - Samoha went with extraction home. All gasped, ohali, all wanted to see extraction. On a shoulder at the hunter the experienced goose hung. samoha kept modestly, all allowed to touch extraction. Week remembered a rare show that week - before the war, something remembering, it was told: it was, when Samoha of a goose has killed.

I have seen wild geese, already working in the newspaper. A companion in reserve has called me in the spring. Never I saw so much water - by a boat it was possible to swim up and glance in a starling house. And over flood geese low flied. At them was here « station » - three weeks of a bird had a rest and were fed, the river Vyatka yet will not be opened.

at times I saw geese in the north … They went married couples and sharp-sightedly watched for gusjatami. Pilots have left to shepherds, and I a window « revolving objects » carefully observed of parents and quick hodunami.

On Alaska, between Yukon and other considerable river, the local hunter, passing me the field-glass, has told: « Game here, as mosquitoes. But now it is impossible to shoot. Geese fly with young, and in ten days we will begin hunting ». For inhabitants of marshy lower reaches of the rivers hunting for geese - food preparation for the winter.

at local school the young teacher has hung up the poster on a board and has asked: « to Whom is this goose necessary? » the chorus of teenagers has amicably responded: « the Goose is necessary to all! » in ten days of the man will bring extraction, and women to process it and to hang up on crossbeams about the house. So prepare for close winter.

from the Asian north geese fly to Europe. A desired place for them - Holland. It is a lot of water - the sea nearby, is where to be grazed. And, the main thing, rest. Having returned on wintering, geese feel on « a resort ». It is possible to approach To flight close. And where you will look, you see geese. Mills, tulips and geese - symbols of the country at the sea.

at us on geese hunt. To extract the big bird it is honourable, but it is difficult. On ways of flight of geese hunters dig in in the earth of a butt and sit in them. Or hide in a heap of old straw.

my friend Anatoly Jakovlevich Mitronkin living in Saransk, the hunter inveterate. But seldom it extracted a goose. And suddenly last year writes: « Has extracted ». How? « Sat with the friend on the brink of wood and a field. Three hours sat in hope that geese will be tightened to wood. No, geese know a security distance. And suddenly one of dogs has broken from a lead, and behind it another was started up. We have risen in all growth - to see, how geese fly up. And that has turned out! Geese have occupied defence and, having dismissed wings, have sent on errands dogs directly to wood. All lasted half-minute. In passion of a pursuit geese have missed danger, and two birds have got under shots.

still there was a case funny, - Anatoly Jakovlevich writes. - there Has arrived to me the visitor. Have gathered for hunting. But, as speak, « have killed only feet ». Already on a way to the house the friend my visitor quickly has lifted a gun and has shot at highly flying goose. The charge has hooked on a bird. And here we examine the killed goose and we put extraction in a backpack. And in a court yard - a mute scene. The goose in a backpack live and, apparently, is ready to depart. Hunting by hunting, but live, only slightly deafened captive should be let out.

on the brink of a field the goose has felt will. And when I have weakened palms, have easily departed, gaining height … »

I THREE YEARS ago have departed to the friend for a week to Austria. Most of all it would be desirable to visit mounts where on Alma`s river the centre of science based by Konradom Lorentsom works. Books of this expert in behaviour of animals in our country well-known.

On Alm Lorentz`s river steadfastly studied behaviour of wild geese. « me often ask, why for so wide-ranging studies we have chosen a grey goose. It is a lot of reasons. But in family groups in many aspects to similarly behaviour of the person in home life ». In detail and clearly scientific tells, how there is an affection of pair geese as occurs uhazhivane, serious srazhenja between rivals. And here at last the union on all life is declared - sounds « an ode of triumphing love ». Together fly, together protect a nest, nurture kids. In a family mutual affection of children in parents. Young early understand « a rank » the family, and if afford tactlessness, for what without parents adult geese suit to teenagers a scolding.

but occasionally happen and at geese of a drama. Having forgotten about « to an oath » Faithfulness, a goose suddenly « leaves » to another. « loss of the girlfriend the bird endures a grief almost as the person » - Lorentz writes. Gorjujushchie people as well as geese, easily become victims of accidents. The first perish in accidents and under wheels of cars, and the second touch wires of a high voltage or get to teeth to predators because the instinct of self-preservation and care at them have become dull.

the book about life of grey geese is full of interesting details. For works on studying of behaviour of animals to Konradu Lorentz the Nobel Prize is awarded.

after death « the goose king » the station on Alma`s river became a shelter for students - ornithologists. Geese lead here the life - bathe, sometimes come into dwelling of people (on a habit received from parents). Three geese have approached to me and began to finger the trousers which have become wet in the river. I looked at birds as on a miracle. After all it were wild geese - they could depart for a long time for mounts and by the evening only to return. Here, on Alma, were remembered the childhood and our house geese. And mother when I have cried: « They bite … »