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At restaurant all should be perfect

the Uzbek dishes you will meet restaurant “ Tandyr “ Japanese - Wasabi, east and European - “ SHCHerbet “ Mexican - Los Ñaballeros. And more recently in Broadcasting Company “ Continent “ the Italian cuisine restaurant " has opened; portofino “. On our question, viands to what of national kitchens has more to liking novokuznechanam, the director of a network of restaurants City of Evgenie Kolodkina has responded:

- the Uzbek and Japanese dishes Are popular. I consider that the most important thing is a qualitative kitchen. The greatest popularity the qualitative kitchen which we offer our visitors should use.

the Network of restaurants City feeds 12 years novokuznechan. However, not only them: gourmets from among visitors of southern capital of Kuzbas too like to spend here time.

At restaurants for a long time there was already a certain style of service: Unostentatious, polite, such that there is an impression as if all personnel is interested in that the visitor has left from here in high spirits. Here love and wait for the visitors and try to do the utmost that it it was cosy and comfortable. After all the gain of clients is a problem not one day. This rule is followed by all employees.

- For this reason regular customers trust us and meetings with business partners, and celebratory banquets, and others not less important points of the life, - tells Evgenie. - in summary, paraphrasing the classic, it would be desirable to tell: at restaurant all should be perfect: both kitchen, and the prices, both service, and atmosphere. If in something any of our restaurants does not correspond to this ideal anyway aspires to it. And consequently we develop, every year we become better.

the Collective of a network of restaurants City congratulates kuzbassovtsev and the colleagues on Day of workers of trade, population and municipal services consumer services!

In each of these branches there are features, but the overall aim unites all: to make an everyday life is better and more comfortable. Light and heat, an order in houses and in streets, high quality household services, worthy level of service - all is work of those who always carries out it on conscience, with full return and on - to the present is betrayed to the business. Health to you, happiness and well-being!