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Boris Valeev, the general director of Open Company TERRAstroj : Our problem - to build the house at the price of apartment

Boris Valeev, the general director of Open Company TERRAstroj .

Till now in cottage housing construction at the western border of Chelyabinsk the suite - a segment prevailed. However to live in the house aspire much more people, than those who presumes to spend to itself for purchase/ building of the house 7 - 8 million roubles. Federal programs on development of low housing construction are aimed at development of the market arranged well, but the accessible habitation equal at the price of average city apartment. In such segment positions the next inhabited quarter Clearings settlement Wood Island which is all in 10 minutes of driving from the western border of Chelyabinsk.

We have reconsidered the concept of one of quarters of settlement and we deduce a product new to us, - Boris Valeev, the general director of the company " tells; TERRAstroj - the basic idea - to offer the buyer a site with the small qualitative, harmless house standing as average apartment in Chelyabinsk. The ready house on the earth with communications in a quarter Clearings (and it is a part of an inhabited file Wood Island ) - 23 thousand for sq. metre. We offer the market of the house a total area from 74 sq. metres, from 99 sq. metres with a penthouse. The buyer can define a site, bring an initial payment for the house and all term of its erection to live in the apartment.

We give various instalments, we consider a situation of each person individually. We conduct explanatory work with builders, that they a little poumerili the financial appetites. We assume that houses will grow the different. We carry on negotiations with firms which make boxes from kleenogo a bar, from otsilindrovannogo logs, frame houses. The company INSI has developed for us projects of houses from gazobetonnyh blocks for concrete sites. Their cost is comparable to city apartments. We only on start of the big way. I think that soon such products as our settlement, will form the market of accessible low habitation .

In the lay-out project, custom-made the companies, complex development of the allocated territory is planned. Erection of elementary school, a kindergarten, shop, a dry-cleaner, other objects sotskulbyta and even the device of an artificial reservoir is provided. Agree, the house, pure birch wood and a pond - a favorable combination for country life.

Chelyabinsk, street of Enthusiasts, 15, 3 - j a floor.
office of sales: AN the Versatile person Chelyabinsk, street of Enthusiasts, 15, 1 - j a floor.
phones: 223 - 60 - 50, 223 - 20 - 22.
WEB: http:// www. lesnoyostrov. ru/, http:// www. polyanki. su/

the Inhabited one-storeyed house 9 on 9 metres.

the Apartment house with a penthouse 9 on 12 metres.

Inhabited quarter Clearings

the Arrangement: d. A robin, the Chelyabinsk area, 9 km from Shershnevsky fast of traffic police.

Territory: 10 hectares, 88 sites, it is surrounded by a large forest.

Sites: from 7 to 25 hundred parts.

the Earth: the earths of settlements, in the property.

Roads: an access road, internal fares.

Security: a protection of all territory, a check point.

the Electrical supply: 10 kw on a site, illumination of streets.

Water supply: a chink (is under construction individually or for an additional payment).

the Water drain: local treatment facilities (is under construction individually or for an additional payment).

Gas supply: at additional expense.

Public transport: a stop in 150 metres.


  • cost of the earth: 70 - 100 thousand rbl./ a hundred part;
  • cost of water supply: drilling and obsadka chinks - from 100 thousand rbl.;
  • cost of the water drain: installation LOS - from 100 thousand rbl.;
  • cost of gasification: a supply to the house of the gas pipeline - 250 thousand rbl.

building Terms:

  • installation of an electrical supply and an electric lighting - June, 2010;
  • installation of a protection and a check point: May - June, 2010;
  • otsypka fares: April - May, 2010;
  • asphalting of fares: depending on the settling termination.


an exchange of your apartment for the ready house in inhabited quarter Clearings !

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