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The mankind lives stereotypes: the woman should be precisely the homemaker, the man precisely the getter, and about any equality of speech to be and cannot

Mankind lives stereotypes. Including the sexual.

the Woman should be precisely the homemaker, the man precisely the getter, and about any equality of speech to be and cannot. Either discrimination, or feminism - the third it is not given. And for people on - former in wonder family business even in a big city.

As to villages then cliches are aggravated both townspeople, and countrymen. Why that is considered that in village of work is not present. For townspeople - the agriculture is not counted, rolls grow on fur-trees, and milk are maternity nadoi townswomen.

However separate persons, such as Ekaterina Brahman, prove us the return.

Family business on rural grounds is not simply possible, and is necessary and important.

People against stereotypes not only that do not believe in possibility similar and deny it, but also do not try to understand at all. And at the help, it is possible what to be engaged and it is necessary, thus to work, live and prosper on village - lower hands and say that this is impossible.

But for such people and in a big city business is it is impossible, after all ambries are occupied, and darkness of businessmen. However the enterprising person will prosper though in Antarctica and to be engaged in divorce of penguins or, at the worst, ices.

In village is not more difficult at all. Cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, vegetables, berries, wheaten and corn grounds Even the grandmothers sitting in streets and selling a strawberry in banks, are more enterprising, than the today`s person of average years who prefers in what not to believe and eat bread without butter, because that life is not combined, and the state will not permit, the prices high, salaries low and to live well it became absolutely impossible, full ah - jaj - jaj.

And all of us wait for something from another`s people, klishirovannogo mankind, chiefs, lavers and the authorities, but, alas, in any way we do not want to try to mould the life the hands.

Respect to those people who have not given in to stereotypes and walk forward, despite of everything.

Each smith of the prosperity.

And witherings too.

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