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Krasnoyarsk citizens about victory paralimpijtsev: the state it is simple did not disturb!

we will remind, Russian national team has won first place on number of medals in Paralimpiade in Vancouver, and the second place by quantity of gold awards. In total at our national team of 38 medals, including 12 gold, 16 silver and 10 bronze. Germans have bypassed Russians, they on one gold award have more. On the third place Canadian national team, owners of Games have won 10 medals of the higher worthiness.

in Krasnoyarsk this subject is actively discussed not only among sportsmen and officials of the ministry of sports. Paralimpijsky leap has called interest many Krasnoyarsk citizens.

Sergey Natarov , the chairman of committee on public health services, sports and tourism of Legislative Assembly of edge.

Sergey Natarov:
- Certainly we counted, very much counted on victory, but there were no a few medals.

- Certainly we counted, very much counted on victory, but there were no a few medals.   I consider that struggle was fair, it cannot be compared to struggle which was at the basic national team, with the real Olympic Games which were in Vancouver. There really was the national team is very poorly prepared. It is impossible to tell that the national team paralimpijtsev has been badly prepared, it has been well prepared, but in sports always there is a winner and lost .

Ivan Sitnikov , the Krasnoyarsk writer, a script writer:

- it is possible because will power at people with the limited possibilities has appeared above, than at usual sportsmen.

Alexander Djakov , the chief executive of TV channel TVTS - Krasnoyarsk.

- it is possible because money there is less involved. The state pays attention on paralimpijtsev less, thereby without disturbing it. I even am more glad that paralimpitsy have appeared more strongly the basic national team.