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To a Victory Day from prisons will let out 46 thousand persons

the Project of the corresponding decision deputies of the State Duma have brought on Monday. It is supposed that all under the amnesty dated to 65 - letiju Victories, will fall 333 thousand 200 persons. But prisons and colonies leave only hardly more than 46 thousand.
First of all on will there are veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of back, blokadniki and prisoners of concentration camps. And irrespective of the committed crime and punishment term.
With certain restrictions (if they are not malicious infringers of an order of serving of punishment if have already been amnestied or had mercy after 2000, but have learnt nothing and have again rung out on plank beds and also if they are not recidivists) will amnesty:
- participants of counterterrorism operations;
- participants of operations after the Great Patriotic War termination in territories of the USSR and the foreign states;
- women is more senior 55 and men is more senior 60 years (the small for crimes small and average weight);
- invalids I and II groups;
- pregnant women and single fathers.
Besides, educational colonies can leave minors who have got there for the first time, are denounced for the term up to 5 years and the half which have left not less term.
Will amnesty and pervohodov denounced for the term up to 3 years, and also those who has committed a crime on imprudence and whom distances till 3 years.
But the majority of those whom the decision project concerns, do not sit on zones and prisons. They or are conditionally denounced, or serving of punishment at them is delayed, or their punishments are not connected with imprisonment. Such it is typed almost 290 thousand.
Authors of the Duma decision assure that any repetition cold summer 53 - go when there were at liberty thousand recidivists, and cannot be.
- At us on prisons many people who would merit strict reprimand, instead of imprisonment places sit, - the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Medinsky has told.
the Law will come into force in day of its publication, but it does not mean that all amnistiruemye the same day will find freedom: on its execution half a year is taken away.
to Whom on amnesty of will not to see
In the decision project about amnesty categories of persons to whom amnesty is not put anyway are in detail listed. These are denounced:
for heavy and especially grave crimes;
for rapes and pedophilia;
for economic crimes;
for terrorism and gangsterism;
for crimes against state system bases;
for illegal circulation of the weapon and drugs.