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29 - the summer handyman has pulled out rolling of Kuban

About the exploit 29 - summer Amridin Negmatov tells unwillingly.

- Yes on my place any would rush in water to rescue the sinking person! - he speaks, hiding the person from the camera. - give at least without pictures we will manage - I after all indeed any not the hero.

that day Amridin with the brigade shkuril a ceiling on the sixth floor in the house in the street Tanning that in Krasnodar. Apartment windows just leave on the river Kuban.

- Then snow such brought down that I zagljadelsja, - remember the Savior. - and suddenly I see - in water something is. Like a hand human. Has decided at first that has seemed, can, a stick or still that. And has then seen the person. Without deliberating, has run away downwards on steps - the lift yet did not work - and has rushed to the river. It is good that the man floated near to coast, metres in six - eight. I have plunged into the water and have pulled out it.

the Dark blue man shivering from a cold at first spoke nothing - only teeth knocked, yes muffled up in a blanket which was dragged by colleagues Amridina.

- We have pulled down from ours the drowned man wet clothes, and I have noticed at it on left to a side a huge bruise, - Negmatov adds. - While waited fast (its guys from our brigade have called), the man has a little come to the senses. He told all this time to me: Thanks! has told that call its Evgenie, to it of 36 years. However, how much I asked, he and has not responded, as has got to water.

29 - summer Amridin Negmatov tells About the exploit unwillingly.
the Photo: Svetlana it is blue

Rescued with the diagnosis overcooling have taken to hospital the first help of Krasnodar. An hour later it has come to the senses and has left.

- Me people to rescue not vpervoj, - Amridin modestly speaks. - I have served two years in flashpoints on border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. There pohleshche conditions were, therefore I did not reflect at all when climbed in cold water. I after all the Tadjik, we children good and kind. It is insulting only, when about us everyone Ours to Rush show! There all a lie.

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