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Valentina Tolkunova spent holiday in Voronezh

Valentine Tolkunova often happened in Voronezh. It however came to our city not with concerts. Here at Valentina Vasilevny there lived close friends - a family of doctors Draft and the rector of a theological seminary (already were), father Vasily Popov.

- With Valechkoj we were connected by sincere, human friendship, - professor Yury Chernov managing stand of clinical pharmacology of the Voronezh medical academy tells. - it is difficult to describe this loss by words. It was not simply great singer.   it was very sympathetic, kind and improbably simple person in dialogue.

About Draft Valentina Tolkunovu in the eightieth the known compere and the art director of the Moscow variety theatre Boris Brunov has acquainted. Since then Valentina Vasilevna constantly held communication with the Voronezh friends.

- To us it came many times. Was on 65 - letii the father and on my wedding, - Sergey Chernov, the son of the professor, the senior lecturer of stand of the organisation of public health services and public health VGMA remembers. - We too went to it on an anniversary concert in the Kremlin in 2006, knew her mother and the son. Once Valentina Vasilevna has spent all holiday in Voronezh. It was in 1999. It has arrived on New Year`s Eve. Three weeks had a rest in sanatorium of Bitter, and the remained week has devoted to dialogue with us. I remember that for Christmas we with it went on service to the Uspensky temple, then, as well as it is necessary, marked behind a table d`hote. She to me then has presented an icon. Went with Valentina Tolkunovoj in Worthless. There looked horses, fed with their sugar. And in Bobrove on a shooting range shot from pistols. On a broader scale Valentina Vasilevna was deeply believing person. Liked to go to our churches. We went often on holy sites. She has visited the Zadonsky monastery, was dipped into fonts...

Chernovy remember: Valentina Vasilevna was comprehensively developed person, to talk to it it was possible long and on any subjects. But most of all, of course, it liked to speak about music.

- She always pocherkivala that all life sang songs not on words as it now is accepted, and on verses. For it the melody, sense was important, - Sergey Chernov tells. - the Today`s youth with its values and predilections to it was not clear.

Last time Tolkunova came to Voronezh in 2002. But by phone communicated with Draft constantly.

- Our last conversation was on New Year`s Eve, - Sergey speaks. - we have exchanged congratulations. Valentina Vasilevna has told that she`s fine. She never complained of health. And to all journalists who wanted from it any details, always spoke - with the illness I will consult itself...