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the Sun : sellers become directors

the Vivid example of such career growth director TTS " is; Provincial (street Toreza, 64) Olesya Babushkina. In June of last year on the basis of this shopping centre the educational training centre has opened. So on Olesya`s shoulders cargo of education of personnel structure of roughly growing and developing trading network into which for today 19 supermarkets " enter has laid down still; the Sun . The director of the trading and educational centres has told about how in their company ordinary employees become heads


- Olesya as there was your career in a group of companies Kija ?

- I Work in this company since 1992. Began the seller in a booth. The first wholesale warehouse has then opened, and me have translated to it already the operator. In 2000 in Factory area have opened then still small grocery shop. At first I worked in it as the commodity researcher, and in 2 years became the director.

- As there was an idea of creation of the educational centre which you head?

- this Idea, as well as all important initiatives in our company, belongs to general director Tahiru Mahirovichu Shirinovu. After all the network grows, supermarkets becomes every year more and more. And in spite of the fact that the company one, in each separate shop of the director on - to the organise the work. And uniform corporate style in all is necessary: in management, in dialogue with buyers, in registration of trading floors and the goods calculation. In it is that and one of problems of the educational centre consists.

- There are also other problems?

- Certainly. One of them is caused by fast development of the company and opening of new supermarkets. It means that there is a constant requirement for new heads. Our principle: not to take the director from outside, and to grow up it in the collective. Now both future, and the present heads have possibility to pass uniform certification for all.

- When the educational centre what has been imitated was created?

- Anything, all have organised, together with management of a network of supermarkets the Sun . Personally I did not hear about similar analogues in trading networks. When there was an idea, independently developed the training program, methodical grants, professional categories, estimated sheets, attestative books. Certainly, something corrected on a course of actions - practice always places all on the places.

- Why TTS Provincial became an educational platform of such large trading network?

TTS Provincial - the largest among the Kuzbass shops having the status provincial .

- In supermarkets the Sun too there is a gradation. Each shop has the right to make an application on a category. Organisation and coordination of work of collective, ability to work with the goods, documents, successful participation in competitions (we, for example, take four years the first places for the best registration of a hall on New Year`s subjects on end) are thus estimated. For all it is to our shopping centre the second category is appropriated. Accordingly is to that to learn at our command. Besides, TTS Provincial big on the area, here it is convenient to spend certification.

the STEP 2. LET me WILL teach

- For example, the seller has wanted to raise the category. The director directs it to you to the educational centre. What occurs further?

- Beginning from first day meetings on which practical tasks are given to pupils are held. In - the first, it is necessary to be able ideally podsortirovyvat a trading floor, that is the goods should be 100 - protsentno are laid out on a show-window. Important also presence of price lists, their conformity to the goods. The knowledge of the goods and its ability competently is considered to lay out depending on, how much this product running. In - the second, employees who are trained on 2 - 3 - ju categories, study specificity of work of the storekeeper, the operator, the commodity researcher.

- When also who sums up progress?

- the Course lasts 3 weeks. Every morning we analyze errors and achievements of previous day and according to it we will organise the further practice of each pupil, we prompt to it that it is necessary to tighten. Daily work is estimated by the director, the deputy director and the manager. There is also an intermediate certification to which management of a network of supermarkets " is invited; the Sun and where preliminary results, in the presence of the pupil obgovarivajutsja its merits and lacks of work are brought, problems on elimination of blanks till the end of the training period are put. Well and right at the end total certification in the presence of the general director and management is spent.

- Often pupils please you?

- On a broader scale cases neprohozhdenija certifications are extremely rare. Basically all are certified successfully. Sometimes even you look at the person and you think: where you hid the abilities earlier? Some so brightly prove: directly directors future! For half a year training there have passed already more than 150 persons.

When come on training in the second time, already confidently behave, give advice to beginners, do not suppose former errors. It is pleasant to see it. Means, work has been spent knowingly.

Now to open a new supermarket it is possible without problems: at us all personnel structure is ready. So if right at the beginning the idea of the educational centre was not absolutely clear also the relation to it was ambiguous now even a question on necessity and importance of corporate training it is not necessary. The more professional competent employees at us will be, the it will be better to develop a network.

Management of a network of supermarkets the Sun Spends certification of the employees who were trained in trading - educational training centre.

the STEP 3. With INCREASE!

- As employees concern possibility of career growth?

- to People it is pleasant that them appreciate that try to open their abilities. Well they also would work as sellers all life and would dream to find more perspective work unless on acquaintance. Now, please: prove, be not lazy and become the head. The most skilled and hardworking hand over for time at once on some categories.

Plus to us administrative structures of the whole shops come to raise qualification. Look, how our command works, show the professional skills, perform work from the seller to the manager. After all the head should be able to do all!

- What qualities of the future head are important for developing?

- First of all, high working capacity. And, of course, that the work knew and loved

- How to impart love?

- If at the person all turns out, plus someone sees its successes and in time states them a positive estimation, of course, he will love the work. Another matter if the person complains that at it all is bad, it turns out nothing, in itself does not believe, and it will concern the work accordingly. It is necessary to believe in itself - and the professional success to you is guaranteed!

- a leah It is possible to develop the benevolent relation to the buyer?

- it is important to acquire one: buyers are as a matter of fact people for which bill we contain the family, children we feed. After all they come to our supermarket not simply so and to leave in it the money from which we get wages. If the buyer is offended by something, it will leave in other shop this money together with it will leave to competitors.

- Olesya what will wish the colleagues in Day of workers of trade?

- Success, prosperity, career growth to all who wants it. Certainly, health and family well-being. After all when houses very well, and for work you go with pleasure

Times when the seller negligent movement of a hand threw in the buyer plavlennyj a curd cake and it was thus confident that has reached professional heights, fortunately, have passed. Now so do not trade even in the ware markets. And in such successfully developing trading network, as the Sun especially! Uniform corporate standards of service play an important role not only in a gain of love of buyers, but also in personal professional growth of each employee.

Dear colleagues! Here our professional feast - Day of workers of trade also has come.

Trading business - one of the most ancient in the history of mankind. When - that davnym - for a long time trade became a link in interaction of the different countries and whole world corners. Trade - one of motive forces which helps to carry out not only purchase and sale, but also is means of dialogue of people with each other.

It is congratulated all who has a direct bearing on trading business, and it is desirable good demand for the goods, tender buyers and well-being in all!

Collective of a group of companies Kija .