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Edward Truhmenyov: I Want to meet the girl from whom it is pleasant to wake up!


This imposing handsome man practically does not descend recently from a TV screen. One after another there are serials with its participation: Ermolovy Lapushki Ivan the Terrible Last travel of Sindbada . Now Edward TRUHMENEV shines in Margoshe on STS where flashingly plays ladies` man Gosha Rebrov. This week TV channel Russia 1 has prepared one more premiere with Edward in a leading role - a serial the Bodyguard - 3 . Our correspondent has met the popular actor.

- Edward, what adventures wait for your hero in the Bodyguard - 3 ?

- to Employees of agency Group - R including my Maltsev, as usual, should carry out difficult tasks. We will help the former actress who is suffering affliction from the rich husband - the tyrant. In other series we will rise on protection of the sisters won in a lottery of hundred millions of roubles and escaping from encroachments of criminal elements.

the Sister of the actor Alesya with mum Ljudoj husband Jacque and daughters Lizoj and Dzhunoj (Beirut, 2010)

Spectators will see also a fascinating story about a bank robbery. The bodyguard - 3 the director new to this project - Andrey Dzhunkovsky who has made a picture dynamical removed.

- That on shootings has appeared for you the most difficult?

- One of episodes we removed on an airfield. The winter, a frost a minus 35, blows a penetrating wind. And I some doubles lie in snow, and then successively that there are forces to run and rescue the girl whom villains kept in a minibus.

- With someone from colleagues - actors have made friends on a platform?

- At me with many a good fellowship. For example, at Oleg Zimy who plays Kozyreva, one and a half year my winter rubber is stored. With Yana Lvovoj , Ani Semenovoj playing a role as it has appeared, at us similar tastes. Recently have met in clothing store on Tver. But the closest my friend in the Bodyguard did not act in film. He/she is actor Vanja Oganesyan.

the Advanced husband

- you from an artistic family?

- At all is not present. Mum Lyudmila Nikolaevna who nurtured us with the little sister one, has worked all life in a public catering. At first managed a dining room on tonkosukonnom industrial complex, and has then passed to the same post in school.

Edik in a dining room at mum Lyudmila Nikolaevny

- Probably, fed up you rolls?

- I studied at other school. And here to my younger sister Alesya has carried more. However, it did not lean on rolls, because since a youth protected a figure. Alesya was engaged in dancing collective. Eight years ago it has gone on tour to Lebanon and when flied home to Minsk, in the plane has got acquainted with the Lebanese who soon married it also visors to itself. Now at them three children: two girls and the boy. Here the past New year once again went with mum them to come to see.

- And how impressions?

- To tell the truth, me in Lebanon boringly - unshakable foundations cast melancholy. And - very much it is pleasant to the sister. It the present wife - the mistress, at it in the house always an ideal order. Has learnt Arabian cuisine, languages. Lebanon was the French colony earlier. Therefore my relatives know, besides Arabian and English, also French. Well and children also to Russian have taught. Such poliglotiki grow.

- Probably, the father nurtures them in severity, and to the wife gets?

- When I tell to friends about the sister, all at once represent that it became the fifth wife in a harem and goes in a veil. It at all so. Alesin the husband - very advanced, evropeistyj the guy. She and a short skirt can put on, when will want.

has not gone in Soldiers

- As you have got to the theatrical?

- After school I have ended light industry technical school. And has then decided to go to institute. Long guessed where to arrive. Has as a result passed examinations in the Belarus academy of arts. Mum was at this time on rest and when has learnt that I will study as the actor, very much was delighted.

- you studied together with the director Margoshi Sergey Arlanovym?

- Yes, but at different masters, on parallel streams When I already worked in Moscow TJUZe and rehearsed a leading role directed by Kama Ginkasa Roberto Zukko has happened upon Arlanova who during that moment removed a serial Soldiers . In conversation with Sergey I have mentioned that theatre for me - on the first place. The pier, about any serials even speeches cannot go. Arlanov to me it remembers till now. And I, to tell the truth, do not remember, that categorically promised not to act in film in soap .

On serial shootings Last travel of Sindbada in Egypt


- Heard that shootings of the third season " now proceed; Margoshi and you there are densely occupied?

- it is correct. On we wash hero Gosha and all third part will be fastened. But, certainly, the main party is played by Masha Bersenev. It on a broader scale big well done learns every day a heap of texts, plays set of scenes. I see, how to it is uneasy and as dexterously it copes with difficulties.

- And as to you of sister Arntgolts with whom you acted in film in Lapushkah ?

- remarkable girls. I remember, has learnt them to distinguish for the third day. More precisely, two days before I worked only with Olej, and then there was suddenly Tanja. I have accepted it for the sister and have told: Greetings! - and it as - that has strange reacted, as if me does not know. Soon my congenital observation has prompted: little girls - that different. And characters, and even outwardly.

- serials look?

- I even News I do not look. I do not love. I consider that you lose nothing and you do not get, when hours you sit on the Internet or you stare in a box. When I come tired from work, sometimes I include Simpsons .

Have deprived of the rights

- you know how to cook?

- Certainly. Especially draniki. A simple and tasty dish. It is necessary to take a potato, an onion and egg. poteret to salt, mix and roast. And then to regale with sour cream.

- to be in shape, it is necessary to limit itself in meal?

- From - for frequent shootings I so seldom should eat normally that at the first opportunity I eat everything that I will want. Certainly, I went and to a gym. But now there is no time. It is occupied by moving from one demountable apartment in another. Though until recently I had a habitation in Moscow suburbs, but I have sold it. I will probably, soon buy apartment in capital.

- At last - that become the high-grade Muscovite?

- Never I it will become. All the same Moscow for me a nonnative city. Thought that in due course it will pass. But, alas Yes, here it is a lot of the communications familiar, all roads travelled all over, shops are known. But native I can name only Minsk. I come there to come to see mum and I plunge into calmness and silence.

the Actor on rest with the girlfriend

- you are a motorist?

- Yes, inveterate. However, half a year back at me directly from - under windows have hijacked the car which then and have not found. On KASKO which made out in Belarus, money has paid to me. Though from - for a default I all the same have much lost.

- GAI officers learn you?

- Sometimes. When ask: Where I you saw? - I laugh the matter off that I in search. And as - that me have for a while deprived of the rights. Departure has called in in one Moscow hypermarket and when has gathered home with purchases, why - that have blocked. It was necessary to get out through entrance where hung a brick . There - that me also was caught by valorous employees of traffic police. I, of course, have understood at once that they suited to themselves a feeding trough. Has rested and has refused to bribe. It was necessary to go to court where to prove it has turned out nothing. But when after court to me have forbidden to drive the car within four months, I in protest all the same went. Though basically I very legislative.

- you, it appears, desperate and courageous

- is faster, silly. Courageous is when you marry and you get four children.

- And you are not going to marry?

- This question to me constantly is set by mum. I understand that it would like still grandsons. To me it is pleasant, when she rejoices to my successes. But the person with whom it would be desirable not only to fall asleep but also to wake up, I yet have not met.


* Edward TRUHMENEV was born on June, 24th, 1972 in Minsk.
* in 1995 has ended the Belarus academy of arts
* With 1995 for 1998 worked in Minsk national academic theatre of Yankee Kupaly. With 1998 for 2004 ministered at Roman Viktuk Theatre. Since 2004 - the actor Moscow TJUZa.