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How to cancel the air ticket and to return money

the Question of the reader:
Moscow Tel - Abib - Moscow (the company carrier Israir Airlines) a departure 10 Has bought tickets. 08. 2010. From - for a time difference (I live in Vladivostok) has mixed date of booking and has bought the ticket for days
earlier than I arrive to Moscow. The representative of agency through which I bought the ticket has told that the given tariff is transient.

Contacted airline representation in Moscow. They have suggested me to write the claim to the company on electronic mail, but have told that the claim is considered in the company location in
Tel - Abib. I have asked to transfer date of a departure to claims or to cancel the ticket. Has passed 2 weeks. From the company the answer and has not come. Could not wait has bought other ticket more.

Is chance to return money for the first ticket and what to do if the company to me and will not respond or will refuse to return money? A leah their actions are lawful?

Anna GLADUN, the general director of legal consultation " responds; Visit specialising on the right in the field of tourism:

- the Similar situation we already considered some time ago.
the airline operated correctly, according to carrier rules. To you followed cancel your air ticket. And you still are able to do it.

According to point 236 of FEDERAL AVIATION RULES the GENERAL RULES of the AIRLINE TRAFFIC of PASSENGERS, LUGGAGE, CARGOES And the REQUIREMENT To SERVICE of PASSENGERS, CONSIGNORS, GRUZOPOLUCHATELEJ in a case voluntary refusal the passenger from transportation with the notification message about it of a carrier not later than 24 hours (and in your case there are some more months!) Prior to the beginning of transportation from the departure airport, to the passenger all sum , paid for transportation if transportation on one site has not been executed comes back.

it was necessary to write the written statement about refusal of flight and to pass its representative of airline on receipt (as a variant - to send by mail with the assurance of receipt) to fix the fact of refusal of flight under this ticket.

return of the sums of money paid for transportation, is made by a carrier or under its commission the representative the agent in a place of payment of transportation .

It is necessary to note, the legislation not always corresponds to the relations which have developed in practice of airlines and passengers. As, there are no the norms in detail regulating charter transportations, the general operates (specified above) the legislation in sphere of an airline traffic, including concerning annulment of tickets. In it it is told nothing about transient tariffs.

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