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Observers will check, as the rights of prisoners in Yaroslavl region

are provided Tomorrow, on March, 23rd, Yaroslavl public observant the commissions on control over maintenance of human rights in places of the compulsory maintenance will be visited by a Rybinsk pre-trial detention centre 2.
the Public observant commission has started to work in area literally this year. Its members supervise as human rights in imprisonment places are provided: colonies, insulators, disciplinary military units and guardrooms, and so on.
the Commission rassmotrivaet complaints and statements of citizens. Following the results of the spent work materials can be directed the Representative under human rights to Russia, in Public chamber, enforcement authorities and other instances. Besides, the observant commissions promote improvement of conditions of the maintenance of the persons who are in places of the compulsory maintenance, render to them qualified advisory and legal aid.
the structure of the Yaroslavl observant commission includes 8 persons - representatives of the various public organisations operating in territory of Yaroslavl region freedom Road Assembly of the people of Russia the Center social partnersva the Yaroslavl Archdiocese.