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In the centre of Krasnoyarsk the movement scheme

the Piece of street of Defense and an alley between regional administration and agency of air transport has changed now are closed for movement. To turn here from Mira prospectus it is impossible more. And entrance on them from Lenin`s street is forbidden for a long time already - there flaunt bricks .

In traffic police it is an innovation explain very simply: visitors for work to officials and visitors of administration need a parking lot. And as nearby other suitable places are not present, streets will transform into parking. Fortunately, free.

On crossroads have already set up signs Movement is forbidden and the traffic police squads waiting infringers round the corner are on duty. Guards of unlucky drivers yet do not fine the blessing, only shake finger, and warn - to turn now here it is impossible. Unique lucky persons who can drive here, - inhabitants of nearby houses.

- If in due course people will not cease to turn under a prohibiting sign, inspectors will make reports on infringers, - speak in traffic police. - so motorists should think, as it to drive not to break a rule.