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Composer Alexander Shulgin: « Valentina Tolkunovoj had a big Heart »

- Now so already nobody sings. That so to sing it is necessary to have Heart and Soul, and the Soul at Valentina big, and worked it not incessantly, - Alexander Shulgin writes. - so much to worry, how much has fallen to its lot, not everyone can. And after all it was necessary to step on the stage and each time to sing, smiling indifferently and each time to bear to people Good. That it also did. Heart was big.

Itself Bringing down was modest. There, where there is no modesty, there are no also Majesties of Soul.... Already so do not sing. Bringing down was the favourite singer of my Father and therefore I knew its repertoire since the early childhood. And when for the first time with it has got acquainted in 1997 has opened for itself it as well as the Person. I communicated with it not more often, but once a quarter precisely. Bringing down was at me on a visit, we spoke about music, singing much. Often discussed song record, Bringing down wanted to sing one of my songs, she heard its sketch and it very much was pleasant to it. And what Honour to work with the Singer, with the present Singer to me - that would be. Alas it was not possible. It was not possible to work to its voice with my music. But to its heart to work with my Soul it was possible. Much to me a distance those conversations.

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