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The snow block fell asleep the son of the deputy of Legislative Assembly

Sunday afternoon from the house on street Genkinoj in the Soviet area on a head 15 - the summer boy the sleet block has fallen. The child has suffered slightly, but this history has done noise much. It has appeared that the father of the victim - the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Alexander Timofeev.

- we were going to take a walk all family, on skis to drive, - Alexander Alimpievich tells. - I still was at home, and the wife with the son the first have gone out of doors. And during this moment the sleet has rolled down from a roof -   directly on the son, on Sashu...

All has occurred in any fractions of a second. Mum Sashi has not had time to orient at all. And the boy stood some minutes the dumbfounded.  
- this block was basically from a sleet, ice in it was a little, - Alexander Timofeev continues. - it has fallen to the son to shoulders and a neck, a head has not mentioned. We have gone at once to children`s regional hospital, have made pictures. The doctor has told that no trouble does not happen, there are small bruises.

- we were afraid for a long time that there will be something similar, - tenants of the house speak. - a roof stalinki sloping, from it periodically descend a heavy sleet with ice. And blocks fall often directly on an exit from an entrance, a peak all full of holes from it. How much already cars has beaten! But till yesterday to anybody from inhabitants did not get. We already both wrote, and called in DUK that to us have made a roof. A peak have made, and to sense - that that. Blocks continue to fall.

- how much time I spoke also to Alexander Alimpievichu: a pier, you the deputy, the big person, take measures! - neigbour Timofeevyh in an entrance tells. - but changed nothing. Well, we think, if such person can decide nothing what to speak about us, mere mortals.
And here a twist of fate - the next snow block has fallen down the son of the deputy...

Deputy Timofeev is not going to bring an action on kommunalshchikov.
the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

Now Sasha feels well. It is at home, under supervision of relatives.  
-   I am not going to bring an action and complain, - have declared - NN Timotheuses. - it will be easier to me to call the head of administration of the Soviet area. I assume that this call will be enough that it has collected meeting and   has made necessary suggestions to all services which have admitted such situation.

Own check is spent also by Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet area. As soobshil to us the assistant to the public prosecutor Vladimir Machecha, a question on criminal case still dares, however it is already clear that anyway responsible services will be involved at least in administrative responsibility.

In Nizhni Novgorod in February and March, 2010 three persons have suffered from icicles falling from roofs. All of them are live. And following the results of last year, ice blocks have fallen on 27 nizhegorodtsev, and of them it was not possible to rescue some.