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SPO and VPO: interaction questions

Our experts

Sergey Georgievich Sitnikov , rector SibGuTi

Olga Jurevna Krasnikova , the director of college of telecommunications and computer science of GOU VPO SibGUTI

Svetlana Nikolaevna Burovtseva , the director of Novosibirsk technical school of a geodesy and cartography

George Vladimirovich Kolmakov , the director of Novosibirsk instrument-making technical school

Paul Mihajlovich Postnikov , the pro-rector on study SGUPSa

Yury Konstantinovich Tkachuk , the director of Novosibirsk technical school of a railway transportation, branch SgUpSa

Multigradualness of education - it is good or it is bad? How affairs on interaction between an average and higher step of vocational training in Novosibirsk educational institutions are today? And a leah is important for the present entrant interrelation ssuz - high school?

- Today behind a round table representatives both departmental, and independent educational institutions have gathered. We will talk about that, kokoj a way has chosen educational institutions during the uneasy period of reforming of education.

S.Sitnikov : - In our country step education takes place. Over a question of association of educational institutions of an average and the top echelon in the field of telecommunications and computer science have reflected about 15 years ago. Have united - and, apparently now, have made a correct choice. College of telecommunications and computer science - our structural division. We from this association only have won. Graduates of college arrive to us, on the conditions accepted in high school, without Unified State Examination delivery. They can study in high school on the accelerated system - three and a half a year. And we have a free choice: the entrant wants to receive the bachelor`s degree or the expert - please. Our student can study simultaneously also abroad and receive the double diploma. Generally speaking, bachelor degree and magistracy system - not our system. For example, in the USA bachelors are engaged year in the training centre where in practice apply the received knowledge. At us such centres douchivanija are not present.

P.Postnikov : - This system to us have offered rather recently, and at us was and is, checked up by for years and practice. We and worked earlier in a uniform sheaf with technical schools, and in 2007 SGUPS and its four branches - Novosibirsk, Tomsk, belovsky and the new Altay technical schools - have united in a university complex. The departmental accessory is on - to the present the master`s approach to the decision of questions of personnel maintenance of railway branch. In this respect Open Society the Russian Railway works hard. Therefore and problems with branch completion by professional shots was not and is not present. At us it is prestigious to study both in technical school, and in high school. And in our, Novosibirsk technical school, - especially: following the results of a rating of 2009 among 55 railway technical schools of Russia it has won first place.

That will defeat: an autonomy or a branch principle?

- And now a word that who has not united.

G.Kolmakov : - Earlier we concerned to oboronke, now the branch principle has appeared is broken. Us have started up, so to say, in free swimming, and it became much more difficult to us to live and learn our students. Today we rest hopes of creation of large holdings and corporations which would help to develop to our educational institution and would give the guaranteed workplaces to our graduates. There are conversations on creation on Novosibirsk base of the all-Russian personnel centre on a speciality optical devices and technologies . But while a situation difficult.

S.Burovtseva : - Since 2005 we have passed in submission to the Ministry of Education. Present financing does not allow us to carry appropriate out repairs in technical school premises, to buy modern geodetic devices and the software. About what here to tell, if one device which we use as an evident material, costs more one million roubles? We annually spend Fair of graduates we conclude contracts about cooperation with employers, but they too experience today financial complexities and not with a status to help education. And here since December, 2009 at us long-awaited changes have begun - us have given under a wing of geodetic academy. It, undoubtedly, will allow us to rise and develop further.

the Major principle - quality of preparation

- What else it is possible to name association pluses?

O.Krasnikova : - We with SibGUTI together not only territorially - we very closely co-operate. To college this year 80 years are executed, and 15 of them we are structural division SibGuTi. Our students really receive bonuses at receipt in university, but not only it is advantage. As the communications industry is high technology, it is very important to react to requirements of the market of services and inquiries of employers quickly. Continuous education (college - high school) allows to prepare the demanded and competitive graduates. Also the intercathedral communications contributing in improvement of quality of teaching are very important. The important role is played by possibility of training and improvement of professional skill of teachers of college in high school. Besides, our pupils take part in sports competitions and there pass practice at the same enterprises, as students of high school.

J.Tkachuk : - To us this year 25 years from the date of the basis are executed. And we can bring some result of our activity. It is important that integration between educational institutions of different level has allowed to save to us a departmental accessory. And after all there were offers to leave in independent swimming, but the decision of a management not to do it, accepted in 2007, has justified itself on all parametres. At us, for example, as anywhere, the distribution institute was saved: Every year in the spring to us there come employers and assort all our graduates. Together with the diploma about the termination of technical school we hand over to the graduate and a vacation package on the enterprise. And it is a guarantee of employment of the graduate, it is the worthy salary and a necessary social package that is very important for the young man who is starting out life.

P.Postnikov : - Creation of a uniform university complex allows to supplement, enrich each other, to raise quality of educational services, gives the chance to teaching staff of branches to raise the qualification, including being trained in postgraduate study. So, we practise an exchange of teachers, we have the general uchebno - industrial platforms, library fund. Also we co-operate with the general employers on distribution of graduates.

Independent ssuzy wait for the help

- That waits SPO in your opinion?

G.Kolmakov : - Average vocational training experiences difficulties. Most likely, we are waited by integration - if was three ssuza there is one earlier. Some will start up in independent swimming. Above consider: time educational institution can support itself, has paid places what for it to finance? The quantity of paid services will increase from - for reductions of budgetary places. Our position will recover, if all - taki earns the union of employers and to us will sign financing.