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Last concert Tolkunovoj: the Singer sang on an encore and behind side scenes doctors " waited; First aid

Also has made it not for the sake of a tick, and from the bottom of the heart. It was on February, 16th. Recreation centre the Man-made fiber on one thousand places it was full.

- she sang alive, it was so pleasantly, after all many actors, acting in small cities, try to strain less and use a soundtrack. Tolkunova to itself of it has not allowed, though felt not very well, - have told in the Mogilyov regional philharmonic society. - to tell the truth, we also did not know about its problems with health when invited to us with a concert.

Tolkunova has arrived to Mogilyov by train. On memoirs of those who met her, it was cheerful, talkative. Has lodged in hostel Mogilyov in a junior suite. Any claims, any whims. Has had dinner at hostel restaurant, has had a rest in number and has stepped on the stage in full beauty, such what we it have got used to see on the TV in the evening.

to the singer it became bad more close by the concert end. She has turned pale, has complained of heartaches. Organizers have there and then called First aid . But to doctors neotlozhki it was necessary to wait, while Tolkunova will sing on an encore .

is a heroism from its party, - organizers speak. - we could not present to ourselves at all, with Valentine Vasilevna`s what diagnosis sings. And it has read the burial service over 1 hour of 35 minutes! However, with what song left on an encore any more we do not remember, because have strongly got agitated. And when it with a smile, with a huge armful of colours left on fast have been assured that she has simply overtired.