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On the eve of commemorating of Great Victory at Tver cуворовского schools have decided to take away a fighting banner

It there was a significant year: in February our armies have finished defeat of Germans in Stalingrade, on August, 23rd have definitively broken Germans on the Kursk arch.
a fighting red banner Tver suvorovskomu to school have handed over on December, 19th, 1943. That year in Soviet Union it has been created nine similar schools. Them at once have completed podrankami wars: orphans, sons of the lost warriors, homeless children, sons of regiments.

And in two years pupils suvorovskih schools including tverichane, it is proud marched on Victory parade.

But has come it is time army reform. And here we can already not see this year suvorovtsev on Victory parade on Red Square. (read У Return suvorovtsev on Victory Parade! У) And here and the next misfortune - at Tver suvorovskogo schools intend to take away a fighting banner of a part, that that has been handed over school in legendary 1943.

- the matter is that now on the country so-called military reform walks, - teachers of school have agreed to communicate to the correspondent У but only У without names У. - It has concerned not only military parts in which soldiers - srochniki minister, but also educational institutions. So, at us such changes, from which the hair stands on end now prepare. The most insulting that we lose our banner - the main our pride. On suvorovskom to a banner it is written: У Kalininsky suvorovskoe school У and on other party: У For our Soviet Native land У. Great honour for graduates is the memorable photo against the developed symbol of school, the few receive this honour: honours pupils of study and officers. It became now clear that the banner will be passed a museum of Armed forces, and its place will occupy new, modern.

a fighting banner at children select, on - to another simply you will not tell. Similar it is created now in walls suvorovskih schools on all country. From it it becomes sad, and is twice more sad than that there is it in anniversary year of commemorating 65 - letija Great Victory.

Parents suvorovtsev are revolted by that now occurs in school.

- I would not give the child to a boarding school for what, - so there has begun the conversation mum of one of suvorovtsev, Olga Sukhanov. - And now it turns out so, prestigious suvorovskoe the school turns in most that on there is a boarding school for our sons. In connection with that reform which now passes in the country and concerns military schools, there was a substitution of concepts. Children have come to study to a military college to receive a military trade and in the future of in it to realise, and what turns out now? We with other parents have among themselves christened this reform У Make a choice itself У. Yes, children suffered the complexities, even some deprivations, but there was an idea for which much could be taken out, and now what for it to do?

besides a banner, children are going to deprive and their legendary form, having replaced jeans, let and beautiful, but a substitute from Yudashkin, and in any way with military uniforms.

- such sensation that at us and our children have selected the most expensive, of what we have got used to be proud, - Olga Sukhanov considers. - at children the sense simply was gone to study in this institution.

school command in any way does not make comments on a paradoxical situation.

And only teachers of school who do not wish to name names, with detachment wave hands and explain that all this demilitarisation of school becomes under a specious excuse: not to distract boys from study.

here to you and patriotism education - without the form, without a banner, without honouring of military exploits...


the Fighting banner of military unit - the official symbol and a military relic of military unit, personifies its honour, valour, glory and fighting traditions, specifies in mission of military unit and its accessory.
for loss of a banner the military unit was disbanded.

in Tver suvorovskom a military college studied:
two grandson V.I.Chapaeva,
the grandson of the marshal of Soviet Union S. M.Budyonny,
grandson I. V.Stalin (Jacob Dzhugashvili`s son),
the son of the Hero of Soviet Union of the pilot of M. vodopjanova,
the son of the Hero of Soviet Union of pilot N.Gastello Victor Gastello,
nephew Sergo Ordzhonikidze Givi Ordzhonikidze,
Nikita Khruschev Yury Khruschev`s grandson,
the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov.

Among the first suvorovtsev there were guerrillas - scouts, sons of regiments, participants of the Great Patriotic War. School walls left two Heroes of Soviet Union and five Heroes of Russia.