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Songs for Tolkunovoj were written by the Tula composers

According to preliminary data, warm insufficiency became a cause of death.

Valentina Tolkunova was in hospital more than month, in passed days off the singer has asked to lead to it of the priest. That has spent ordinance ńīįīšīāąķč’*. Probably, the actress had a presentiment of the death.

Valentina Vasilevna had a serious illness, but to the last struggled with an illness: it operated to remove a chest cancer, then the singer has passed some courses of chemotherapy. And last year at the actress of daring a malignant tumour of a brain.

Much connects this perfect woman with the Tula musicians. So last years the singer worked with composer Vasily Popovym and the singer - composer Vladimir Tsvetaevas. The first has written some songs for Tolkunovoj which have then entered into an album “ My thought up man “. But Valentina Vasilevna was not limited only to it. Priests and Tsvetaev also have helped it to create musical performance “ How to be happy “ and the program “ I molchanja will break today vows “. Besides, in February of this year in Moscow has passed creative evening of the singer. Many songs for it were written by our fellow countrymen.

the Inhabitant of Tula - composer Vasily Popov was on friendly terms with Valentina Tolkunovoj of 17 years

- It was very light and the sincere person, - Vasily Popov speaks. - it will not suffice All of us very much. Valentina Vasilevny still had brother, son Nikolay and Evgenie Nikolaevna`s mum. Lately Valentina did not save the forces, in February it acted in Moscow, then has gone to Belarus where to it it became bad.

- On a broader scale, the actress always was the optimist, smiled, joked, despite a serious illness, -   with grief tells Priests . - I was very amicable with her family and relatives. All of us hoped for the best. Valentina prepared a sacred music plate, planned concerts to a Victory Day, but it, unfortunately, it will not be fated to come true.

Tolkunova was really national

it was possible to talk to inhabitants of Tula who worked with Valentina Tolkunovoj and well it knew.

- Valentina was very charming and modest, - the assistant to the art director of the Tula regional Philharmonic society on gastrolno - concert activity Lyudmila Ponomarenko speaks. - It was very responsible, always worked “ alive “. About such as Tolkunova, speak “ national “ and “ present “. It is a pity that such person has left.

“ Women with such powerful character do not complain of life “

- We worked with Valentina with 1977 - go year, - the head of ensemble " tells; the Lefthander “ inhabitant of Tula Vladimir Ponomarenko. - I then acted in “ Red poppies “. With Tolkunovoj we together acted in various Palaces of sports. Then we acted together with Lvom Leshchenko and other singers.

Valentina was the remarkable person, spectators very much loved it, always warmly met. It was very friendly and opened. All did on a smile. Women with such powerful character as at Tolkunovoj, usually do not complain of life. I think, she worried from - for nevostrebovannosti. Songs of other plan are now popular, and it was the lyrical actress.

Almost all known actors of those years now feel unnecessary. Many, have gone abroad. Valentina lately lived out of town. Likely, there she felt calmness. After all many known people “ aged “ Which not so are already popular, become isolated and leave “ in itself “.

“ Two times a week I suit days of limited intake of food “

Valentine Tolkunova`s Last time came to our city with a concert in 2005. It has passed in recreation centre TOZ. On it the singer has arrived together with the brother who has appeared on stage, having executed some songs.

After performance the actress has talked with   “ also has shared the recipes of beauty:

- I try to sleep more. After all when properly you will have a rest, the person fresh, and eyes clear. And any bags and wrinkles under eyes. I am not nervous yet on trifles. It is no secret that all illnesses from nerves.

Tuljachkam I advise to use children`s soap. From it a skin velvet, as at the baby. And hair to wash once a half-month. And not to dry at all the hair dryer. Then they always will be strong and shining.

- As you manage to save the excellent form?

- I suit days of limited intake of food every Wednesday and Friday. These days I eat fish and vegetables. Besides, strictly I observe church fasts.

the actress Has presented to the mayor of Tula the calendar

In 2007 has passed through the acquaintances in a gift eks - the head of Tula Vladimir Mogilnikovu a calendar with the photos.

As - that in one of interview it has compared it to the ideal woman. This statement has reached the singer and she has decided to thank Mogilnikova: has presented it the signed calendar.


Valentina Tolkunova was born on July, 12th, 1946 in Armavir of Krasnodar territory.

In 1966 the composer and conductor Yury Saulsky has organised vokalno - a tool orchestra “ VIO - 66 “ also has invited Tolkunovu in vocal group (soprano). Five years it has given to ensemble.

the Solo debut of the singer has taken place in 1972 on creative evening of poet Lva Oshanina where she has sung Vladimir Shainsky`s song “ Ah, Natasha “.

Since 1973 Tolkunova was the soloist of the Moscow concert, and since 1987 the art director of the Moscow theatre of a musical drama organised by it and songs.

In February, 1986 the premiere of performance " has taken place; Russian women “ Kataeva where Tolkunova executed leading roles.

Since 1989 - the art director of a musical drama and a song of creative association “ art “ in which a number of musical performances has been put.


the Merited actress of RSFSR (1979), the national actress of Russia (1984). Went on tour in Finland, Japan, India, Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, Canada, Greece, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Israel. The singer publishes 12 plates and a compact - disks. Only in musical films and theatrical performances by it it is executed more than 300 songs. Tolkunova 23 times became the winner of television competition “ the Song of year “.

* ordinance in which during anointing sick the consecrated balm on the unhealthy calls Bozhija grace for healing of its corporal and sincere illnesses. Physically healthy people cannot resort to this ordinance without blessing of the priest.