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Muscovites learn, where in a city there are dangerous national ghettoes

an intensity Fire between Muscovites - slavs and come in large numbers from the nearest republics, decays, as coals in a brazier of any Armenian snack bar. About that there are places, where to the white person   to go to one risky, informally know many.

Now this problem recognised officially. The authorities of Moscow   will make an official map where will be noted   the centres of interethnic intensity. The chairman of committee of multi-region communications and the national policy of capital has told about these plans Michael Solomentsev . In due course this project will be conducted in it - a line a mode. While collect a primary material. Already now in each prefecture interdepartmental working groups on ethnic questions which is best know where a flashpoint where sparks also what measures it is necessary to undertake that it has not inflamed are created. Their assistants to the prefect have headed, and the structure included representatives of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, FSB, FMS, departments of culture, education, social protection, sports - quotes the point of view   Solomentseva RIA Novosti news agency.

Enclaves by analogy CHajna - towns according to the official, in capital while, fortunately, is not present. CHajna - the town is the isolated area, an enclave where the way, people speak in the language and even all tablets in this language. In Moscow such is not present. And here an order of 20 hostels - really problem for a city - Solomentsev recognises.
However, the official dissembles - tablets in foreign languages, Chinese, Vietnamese - in the ware markets it is a lot of. The problem of hostels the moved houses too is much wider. Wrote about this phenomenon - it is possible to look at the reporting here.