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Palm sunday

Palm sunday is marked as a great feast 6 days prior to Jesus Christ legend on God death and travails. Vhoda Gospodnja this celebration to Jerusalem. When the simple people met Jesus with solemnity and honouring, kakoju during ancient times in the east accompanied tsars.

As a sign of love people greeted the Christ branches of palm trees. In Ancient Russia it have found replacement in the form of a willow. From here and the name at orthodox christians of this feast - Pussy-willow Anastasis.

In Russia since ancient times the weight of the ceremonials connected with a willow was formed. On a feast, for example, it is accepted to shine a willow and to store its houses all year in a forward corner behind icons. As it is considered that the willow vests people with health, warns against evil spirit and different misfortunes.

Steam could come hundreds years ago to Russia from church on Palm sunday and the consecrated branch of a willow to strike the child, sentencing thus: the Willow - hlest, beats to tears, the willow is red, beats not in vain . Was considered that thus dite it was sated with health and reason.

it is interesting that the tradition to celebrate this feast has been entered by Christian Tserkvju in IV century, and at us in Russia - only in X century.

This feast is marked by thousand believing in our country.
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the General resurrection, before Tvoeja of passion assuring, from dead vozdvigl esi the Lazarus the Christ My God. Temzhe and we jako otrotsy sign victories nosjashche, You to the winner of death vopiem: osanna in vyshnih, Grjadyj in a name is blest Is Lord`s.


Spogrebshesja to You baptism the Christ My God ours, bezsmertnyja lives spodobihomsja Thy resurrection, and vospevajushche we call: osanna in vyshnih, Grjadyj in a name is blest Is Lord`s.


On a holy table on nebesi, on zhrebjati on the earths nosimyj the Christ My God, angels hvalenie, and children antheming prijal esi calling Ti: it is blest esi grjadyj Adam vozzvati.