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Leah is put a share of apartment to the child from first marriage?

- I have a spouse, at it the child from first marriage. In our marriage (at us two children) the apartment is got. In case of divorce how shares will be divided at section of the property got in marriage, and a leah the child of my spouse from first marriage will have the right to any share?


- At divorce the section of in common acquired property is made only between spouses, instead of their children. Therefore in case of section of property of a share of spouses admit equal if other is not provided by the Wedded contract. However the court has the right to recede from a recognition of shares equal, considering interests of minor children or worthy interests of one of spouses. In other words, depending on at whom from you how much children remains at divorce, the size of your share will depend, but you and your husband will be proprietors of shares at section of in common acquired property only.

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