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On March, 31st day of memory of martyrs of Trofima and Evkarpija

Sacred martyrs of Trofim and Evkarpy were warriors in Nikomidii during persecutions of Christians at emperor Dioklitiane (284 - 305). They differed the big cruelty performed by all decrees of the emperor.

Once when these warriors searched for christians, they have suddenly seen the big fiery cloud which descended from the sky, being condensed as approaching them. From a cloud the Voice was distributed: For what you so are zealous, threatening My slaves? Be not seduced: nobody can subordinate the power believing in Me, but it is better join them and then we will get to themselves the Kingdom of heaven .

Warriors in fear have fallen to the ground, without daring to lift eyes, and only spoke each other: God, was to us nowadays is Really great. We if we become Its slaves " will be happy;. The Lord has told: Rise, confess, your sins " will be forgiven you also;.

Having risen, they have beheld in a cloud of the sitting Light Husband and great variety laying ahead It. The amazed warriors unanimously have exclaimed: Accept us wherefore our sins are malicious and inexpressible. There is no other God, except You, the Creator and Uniform True God, and we and have not joined Thy slaves! .

as soon as they it have told, the cloud was closed and lifted to the sky. Spiritually having regenerated after that miracle, warriors have let out from a dungeon of all concluded christians. For it sacred Trofima and Evkarpija have betrayed to terrible tortures: the sacred have suspended and tore their bodies iron hooks.

They in prayers gave thanks to the Lord, believing that the Lord will forgive them former heavy sins. When the fire has been kindled, sacred martyrs have entered into fire and there have betrayed the souls to God.