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In Kursk the former guerrilla lives in ruin

Dmitry Menshov at the age of 17 years voluntary has left on front. Has passed all war and has merited set of medals and orders. From August, 1942 till March 1943 - go helped a staff 1 - j the Kursk guerrilla brigade. On the instructions of a management delivered the valuable prospecting data about an arrangement of enemy parts and staffs, concentration of technics in a city and at stations Kursk, Ryshkovo and Djakonovo.

the marksman - the scout at the front has got fragmental wound of a head. Has been wounded in a foot and became the invalid. Now Dmitry Vasilevich lives with the daughter and the wife who hardly moves on apartment.

the Former sergeant badly hears and sees. Illnesses are supplemented with one more problem - municipal. The apartment Menshovyh is on an extreme floor of the house on Red Square. The roof proceeds - all ceiling in stains from water. In rooms dampness and a mould.

With requests for the help   to the veteran   his daughter   It was converted into different instances. But while the family receives only promises...

- to Ask the help from housing and communal services it is useless, to anybody to us and affairs are not present,   but I do not despond,   I hope and believe, - the front-line soldier speaks.

Dear readers! If you want as - to support that   Dmitry Vasilevicha, call by in Kursk edition to phone: (4712 56 - 61 - 44 or write on e - a mail: kpkursk@kpvrn. ru

the Action - Chernozem region

Our project Help the veteran! proceeds. In it we tell about those kurjanah which have defeated the Great Patriotic War. Now to them give a lot of attention. However problems remain. But many of them are solved. So let`s help together to people who have rescued our earth from fascists.