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More often in the Tver streets plunder women and children

the Indicator of quantity of robberies and thefts in the Tver streets has considerably decreased, have told today, on March, 31st, in the Department of Internal Affairs across the Tver region.

- more often similar crimes occur in a night-time: from 19 o`clock till 23 o`clock, - Alexander Bojkov, the chief of criminal militia of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Tver region has told . - Steal basically money and mobile phones from girls, women and teenagers. However, in comparison with last year, the quantity of such incidents was reduced to 50 %. The result, of course, considerable, but still is a lot of work.

the greatest quantity of street robberies is made in Tver. According to operative employees, it is connected by that in the regional centre the big population density and above a standard of living, rather than in area areas.

- We work that inhabitants of Verhnevolzhja felt safely in streets at any time, - Alexander Bojkov has explained . - But at times people provoke criminals. Repeatedly happened so that to police station came tverichane in an alcohol intoxication and informed that them have plundered, but neither signs of criminals, nor any other details could not inform.

also in risk group there are children. Parents sometimes do not reflect on consequences when buy to the child expensive mobile phone which falls prey of predators. Children are afraid to tell to mum and the father about that, what`s happened, from - for potential punishments. In these cases to police officers too the information late comes, and to find the criminal difficult.

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