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Uklonist with 15 - the summer experience has decided to marry

the Strange story the unusual visitor from Dzerzhinsk has told to employees of the Nizhniy Novgorod committee of soldier`s mothers. 15 years ago it have called up for military service, and it has got to military unit in Mozdoke who took part in the first Chechen company. Three months the young man proved to fathers - to commanders that epaulets have put on it illegally, as it the father of two children. And then the tell-tale took and has autocratically left a part.

Having come back home, the fugitive lived the subsequent one and a half ten years as on a powder keg. Day and night waited that regarding it will think suddenly and will search with militia. However to search for the guy why - that did not become. It is not excluded that commanders have counted as its missing person as Mozdoksky in/ ch 01860 participated in operations and many children then have missed.

Anyhow, but when dzerzhinets it was going to be combined by a legal marriage with other woman, it was found out that the passport at it still the Soviet sample. The will - bondage should to the fugitive be followed advice to the chairman of the Nizhniy Novgorod committee of soldier`s mothers to Natalia Zhukovoj.  

- During ours with it of conversation it was found out that at the moment of conscription at Andrey Ershov (the data is changed) it was valid two children, - has told - NN Natalia Stanislavovna. - And though with the spouse at that point in time Andrey already was divorced, but nobody deprived of the parental rights to its twins. Therefore called private soldier Ershov in 1995 illegally. We have advised to Andrey to be converted into department of military police of military commandant`s office of the Nizhniy Novgorod garrison.

the department of inquiry of military police has inspected, and correctness of lawyers NKSM has proved to be true. The decision about refusal in criminal case excitation has been taken out.

Now to Andrey have given out the new passport, and anything to it any more does not prevent to enter a legal marriage with its new darling.
- that is especially remarkable, for that time while the soldier disappeared from army, he has had time to visit places of confinement, - Natalia Zhukov summarises. - also it has turned out so that with the old passport in our country it is possible to get to prison, and to be combined with the beloved a legal marriage - it is strictly forbidden.